new sheriffs in town
new sheriffs in town
new sheriffs in town. tony blair and george bush starring....please view in Hd. Member reactions:
Me likes a lot.Superb cartoon work here

Funny Barack Obama the New Sheriff In Town

Barack Obama the New Sheriff In Town
New Sheriff In Town. Member reactions:
Hahaha, one of my favorites n the contest.

Funny Sheriff Joe

Sheriff Joe
. Member reactions:
haha. great cinematic shot with the limo and the red carpet and the sunny sky and all.
So this Sheriff directly comes into white house in sleep walking very funny entry... into the white house
, he's carrying a teddy too. Congrats on the wood, HoHouse.

Funny Tom Hanks Sheriff with Deputy Wilson

Tom Hanks Sheriff with Deputy Wilson
These two guys look great together, in keeping the wild west safe.

Funny Sheriff Tommy Lee Jones

Sheriff Tommy Lee Jones
B.C Supreme suspended because of shortage of sheriffs

Funny The Chameleon Sheriff

The Chameleon Sheriff
The sheriff is here to punish the crime.. Member reactions:
Adorable. What u'v done here is wild (west)
Congrats. Feels like I could reach out and grab the gun.
ohh hes so cute i want one..... congrats..
A golden star for the little sheriff, congrats..
Congrats Mark Tex Lizard rules the West, hehe.
Congrats on the win, Mark. Very clever, cute and impressive at the same time.
This is just freakin great. It's going in my faves.

Funny The Sheriff George Bush

The Sheriff George Bush

Funny Barack Obama the New Sheriff in Town

Barack Obama the New Sheriff in Town

Funny Sheriff Diego Maradona

Sheriff Diego Maradona
"El pibe de oro" used to... SHOOT off his mouth. Member reactions:

Funny New Sheriff in Town

New Sheriff in Town
I think Biden looks a lot like Val Kilmer. Here he is as Doc Holiday in Tombstone. He's yer Huckleberry SOURCES. Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. Obama with mustache.
And good point on Val Kilmer - he does look like him. Val for VP.
I'm seeing a bit of Billy Dee Williams in Obama's new look too.
I'm glad this came in a winner, I saw it as one
bravo, top piece, love when my voting coincides with the final result

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