Shelby Cobra 1963
Shelby Cobra 1963
Shelby Cobra 1963.

Funny Shelby GT500

Shelby GT500
Member reactions:
Oh boy, looks totally real. Think it would sell actually
I had a 67 Mustang of similar ilk. The Shelbys were the classic muscle cars though

Funny Shelby Kid

Shelby Kid

Funny Carroll Shelby's Car Casket

Carroll Shelby's Car Casket
Carroll Shelby dead at 89 RIP Mr. Shelby
Member reactions:
We miss ... may his soul rest in peace nice tribute paid by modifying his car as his coffin
Clean and neat Nice way of transport at the end...
Thanks all, I hope everyone understood that this was done with great respect for a great man.

Funny Shelby Cobra Car

Shelby Cobra Car
A tribute to one of my favorite cars of all time, the Shelby Cobra, designed by Carrol Shelby. These were originally made in the 1960's and are still made as reproductions today. The cobra took his new ride that carries his namesake for a little spin, and needed to grab some gas. PLEASE VIEW IN FULL, THERE ARE SCALE REFLECTIONS IN THE PAINT. 8D
Member reactions:
Pretty cool image. You could balance the color a little bit to make the cobra look like it is dusk--to match the rest of the picture.
Excellent work. Looks like eggs inside the car, .

Funny The 2008 Red Shelby Lightning

The 2008 Red Shelby Lightning
An old great and a new great.
Member reactions:
Very well done excellent composition, color and clarity. Good luck in the contest.
a classic in the house. well done, nice job on the merge both, my only critic is about the wheels wich are diferents.
I know the wheels are different, just was trying to make it unique.
Nice blend--but the front end has an orange cast compared to the back end.

Funny Woman Wearing a Shelby Cobra Bikini

Woman Wearing a Shelby Cobra Bikini
The classic Shelby Cobra 427. What every co-ed will be taking to Daytona Beach this spring break. Test-Drive one today. Please View Full before voting.
Member reactions:
Looks like the model's a cobra (view full).
Thisone have an outstanding execution and demostration of skill at photoshop, but in my opinion is kind over worked because look like swimsuit with a car design print and not dressed with car parts, parts are too distorb to look like parts. But even that this get one of my hightest votes.
whatever it may be.... it seems very creative.... well done
Hummina hummina WOO WOO hahah congrats janna, this is awesome

Funny 2007 Shelby Mustang

2007 Shelby Mustang
Please view FULL original
Member reactions:
One owner. Hardly Driven. Excellent condition.

Funny Shelby Turtle Wax on a Turtle Shell

Shelby Turtle Wax on a Turtle Shell
Member reactions:
Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave the turtle 40 wax.

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