Obama the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Obama the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Obama the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. He's dangerous, but looks quite safe and innocent.
Member reactions:
The Shepard scares me more than the wool-if does.

Funny The Wolf in Sheeps Clothes

The Wolf in Sheeps Clothes
Member reactions:
Outrageously Outrageous, Biggest words I know.
I'm with HH on this but I have an extra word to add. Excellent.
Another wild excursion to the Surrealosphere; good luck.
Supercalafragalisticexpiealidious, really well said Goat and Congrads Funkster
Congrats on the gold Funkwood, great chop.
congrats funkwood. very creative chop... one word: amazing...
Congrats on the win, Funk. Out-freaking-standing work.

Funny Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
The Sheepwolf is not the only things added.
Member reactions:
OK, I spy... 1) A heron on the rocks to the far left; 2) A brown bear beyond the fence behind the heron; 3) A cardinal on the fence post to the right; 4) An unidentifiable bird on the telephone lines, and; 5) The wolf's soon-to-be lunch in the foreground grass (can't quite make out what kind of bird that is, either, though). Did I miss anything.
Nope, you didn't miss a thing. The bird on the fence post is a Brown Thrasher, A northern Hawk Owl on the powerline and a Killdeer in the grass.
Great eye, Chaos. Full view to see all the details.

Funny Hillary Clinton the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Hillary Clinton the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Hillary pretends she is likeable to the Iowa farmers After Delay, Clinton Embarks on a Likability Tour
Member reactions:
The face could use some blending refinements.

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