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Funny Sheeps Pictures

The Wolf in Sheeps ClothesFunny The Wolf in Sheeps Clothes
Member reactions:

Outrageously Outrageous, Biggest words I know.
I'm with HH on this but I have an extra word to add. Excellent.
Another wild excursion to the Surrealosphere; good luck.
Supercalafragalisticexpiealidious, really well said Goat and Congrads Funkster
Congrats on the gold Funkwood, great chop.
congrats funkwood. very creative chop... one word: amazing...
Congrats on the win, Funk. Out-freaking-standing work.

Wolf in Sheeps ClothingFunny Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Member reactions:

The Sheepwolf is not the only things added.
OK, I spy... 1) A heron on the rocks to the far left; 2) A brown bear beyond the fence behind the heron; 3) A cardinal on the fence post to the right; 4) An unidentifiable bird on the telephone lines, and; 5) The wolf's soon-to-be lunch in the foreground grass (can't quite make out what kind of bird that is, either, though). Did I miss anything.
Nope, you didn't miss a thing. The bird on the fence post is a Brown Thrasher, A northern Hawk Owl on the powerline and a Killdeer in the grass.
Great eye, Chaos. Full view to see all the details.

Hillary Clinton the Wolf in Sheeps ClothingFunny Hillary Clinton the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Member reactions:
Hillary pretends she is likeable to the Iowa farmers After Delay, Clinton Embarks on a Likability Tour
The face could use some blending refinements.

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