Riding a Wolf Sheep
Riding a Wolf Sheep
Riding a Wolf Sheep. Member reactions:

Funny Policeman in a Herd of Sheep

Policeman in a Herd of Sheep
Member reactions:
PERFECT and Simple idea but effective and very thoughtful work with the source provided

Funny Mitt Romney Pole Vaulting Over Sheep

Mitt Romney Pole Vaulting Over Sheep
Member reactions:
Yes this would be a better idea to try before elections might be can sneek into the office wonderful job done

Funny Highland Games with Sheep

Highland Games with Sheep
Member reactions:
Colorful is exception in classical crowd nice idea

Funny Obama Sheep Mutant

Obama Sheep Mutant
Please view full
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, so clean and great composition, good merge.
Excellent...., is this gone right . great merge on the teeth and the Ear
Nice job but the diffuse filter is a bit too strong in my opinion.

Funny Sheep Wearing a Baa Code

Sheep Wearing a Baa Code
Get it. Baa Code...and they're sheep...with bar codes...
Member reactions:
Very good Baa Coding. How much.

Funny Tom Green Caricature with a Sheep

Tom Green Caricature with a Sheep

Funny Sheep Demotivational Poster

Sheep Demotivational Poster
Member reactions:
omg.. i can't stop laughing here Man's like "Ooh it's not what it looks like...oh what the *&^% it is ."
fleek ... great job.. congratulationssss~..

Funny Sean Penn with Sheep Ram Head

Sean Penn with Sheep Ram Head
Baaaaa. Main Source
Member reactions:
bwahahhahha that's pretty awesome work ..
haha, its a little crazy the idea, but i like it. Good luck
, nice piece being trying to fault it...cant so 10...
....cool chop
Excellent work as always fron the thunder from down under.

Funny Sheep Flying a Plane

Sheep Flying a Plane
, i was looking for any excuse to join the sheeple revolution. Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city
Member reactions:
Hahaha, nice angle on the story and a cool chop
cool..love the idea and your chop is just sweet..
'10s' flying from my voting fingers-I'm stunned. Awesome-I feel protected now.
Congrats on the wood SidKain, great work..
..... Why yeah, but you got to use HDR and make it all contrasty and gritty, Sid. But even with a cream puffy perfectum finish it still rawks
Love this. All aspects of this work in my head.
congrats on the woody sidkain , great work as always
...and what a sheople beauty this turned out to be. Congrats on the wood, Sid.

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