Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen. Member reactions:
They are all hilarious kinds, but "The Big Bang" is absolutely a genius idea. Suits Charlie too.
i like the lays one. you have a talent to come up with these,doc.
Thanks, everyone. I had a lot of fun with this one.
Ha. Good stuff. Congrats on the Silver.
Congrads of the Silver Cup,doing the job.
Congrats Doc. Charlie's cap suits him well. Hilarious.
Thanks, Bob, G-Man, Tim, HH and Funkmeister.

Funny Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen
Member reactions:
Great work on the face... looks scary and funny as well
Yikes, It looks like Lorena Bobbit came home

Funny Charlie Sheen, By Request

Charlie Sheen, By Request
Member reactions:
Fantastic job. I wish the figure in front used the golfer source from the provided photo though

Funny Charlotte Sheen

Charlotte Sheen
Member reactions:
Needs a little powder around the nose Nice one

Funny Charlie Sheen Drinking Absolut in Jail

Charlie Sheen Drinking Absolut in Jail
Member reactions:
I love this Vodka.... good use of Jail and inmates here
I think this poster would sell - perfect spokesman chosen. Inmates choice, . Congrats on the wood, DD.
Definitely subject appropriate hahaah Congrats on the cup
Woody Congrats, D.D. Great snapshot to the ending of a typical Charlie's nite out

Funny Charlie Sheen Mixed with Bashar Assad

Charlie Sheen Mixed with Bashar Assad
Member reactions:
Note the star in Assad's pupil, . you 'shopped it.
Good one .
Detailed analyst's comment said most of it
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Great choice of characters - they fit nicely.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Bob.

Funny Sheen Gets a High School Diploma

Sheen Gets a High School Diploma
Jay Leno surprises Charlie Sheen with his High School diploma.
Member reactions:
Excellent Job. I love everything about it.
both looks funny. good work on caricature
Thanks misspix. Thanks, Nanny. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Miss Maliby. The three stooges tie is a nice touch
Thanks, Newsy. You don't miss a thing. Thanks, Tim.

Funny Old Charlie Sheen in New Wolverine Movie

Old Charlie Sheen in New Wolverine Movie
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop, but I wish Sheen was more recognizable
BEST.. even I laugh for the whole and didnt even noticed Charlie's Fire fighter Vodka This chop is Classic
Thank you, NewsMaster, thank you, Ericnorthend.
Thank you, Disasterman111, Ericnorthend, Paul. We will meet again in the following contests.
Terriffic idea congrats on the bronzie cup... Yeah, you lost a little control over the likeness like newsey said but the execution of content really soars.
Thank you, JoaoN, Hobbit90, Hitspinner. It was not losing likeness control it was too much Vodka... I will use your advice for creating future pictures. Thank you. W.

Funny Charlie Sheen as a Woman with His Daughter

Charlie Sheen as a Woman with His Daughter
Looks like "Charline" Sheen has a new television show coming soon.
Member reactions:
Nice poster design... the Child is smoking...
Impressive show... good luck with that crazy smoking little freaky girl
LOVE the new sitcom title (One and a Half Women). Congrats on the gold, Paulie.

Funny Charlie Sheen Leprechaun in Columbia

Charlie Sheen Leprechaun in Columbia
Hope you all have a Happy St. Pat's. If you're going out, take a cab, please.
Member reactions:
How do you say, Ire mon, in Irish. Good one.
"Winner" is Charlies middle name. Can't Miss.......may you catch the Leprechaun.
Charlie looks funny ... Nice reflection of aeroplane and the mOon on the water
Congrats on the Gold Cup Hitspinner, Great Job
Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I have been lucky to be a places with free internet lately where I can participate again.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Or should I say, congrats on the green.

Funny 50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen

50 Ways to Fire Charlie Sheen
Actor Charlie Sheen has been fired from his CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men." Ironically, the network didn't pull the plug because of the star's recent antics involving prostitutes, drugs and multiple hospital visits, or his advocacy of crack cocaine it was an amazingly insane rant he delivered while speaking to conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones. During his interview, Sheen claimed he'd cured himself of drug addiction by blinking, ranted about his magical fingers and called his show's creator a "charlatan". In this contest we ask you to show how CBS could let Charlie Sheen know he's fired - memos, official letters, billboards, post it-notes, postcards, magazine covers, or any other creative ways of your choice. If you choose the letter/memo type of entry you are encouraged (but not required) to make the letter/memo with attached (safe for work) photographic evidence of Sheen's actions that were the reason for firing.

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