Kirsten Dunst Shaving with Curlers
Kirsten Dunst Shaving with Curlers
Kirsten Dunst Shaving with Curlers. Member reactions:
Yeah... good thinking this birthday a date with spidey would be better good to see a spidey in the background well done
Cleaver and yes CLEAN , full marks good luck friend
Salis,I'm a great fan of your perfect technics Congrats .
Very unique and appealing. Congratulations.
Nice messing up with Kirsten, and the Spidey in the window is a great touch.
Congrats Salis...I tend to like this one the most. Very clean and well done
so perfect its like an Ad... congrats....
its much harder to do a clean crisp perfectly balanced chop then ,a busy muddled filtered piece,, New world for Romney, the all-but-certain nominee
Member reactions:
Well done ....
Freaking job Excellent... Romney is wonderful
WONDERFUL an Excellent job fantastic merge super like
Looks like Obama is thinking about his next career; serious expression.
Romney know his job well he is perfect in doing everything well done with the chop looks to clean and good thought generated
Great job assembling this pic. The facial expressions really fit the scene. Mitt looks like he's barbering and Obama looks his part too. Renegade's comment is priceless.

Funny Man Cutting Himself Shaving

Man Cutting Himself Shaving

Funny George Clooney with a Shaved Head

George Clooney with a Shaved Head

Funny Gong Li Shaving Beard

Gong Li Shaving Beard

Funny Girl Shaving Mans Back

Girl Shaving Mans Back
Member reactions:
Is that a thong or has her bra slipped down.
It's a (in the words of Sisqo) thong thong thong thong thong.
beer always ,,,, works keep up nice works
Pretty cool the thong.

Funny Dracula Shaving

Dracula Shaving
Click for full size
Member reactions:
Great job. Not to influence anything but this has contender written all over it.
TGA is back, woo hoo. Congratulations on the silver, Mr. Dracula.
Beautiful work, TGA. Congrats on silver.
that was really fantastic one TGA welcome back , and congrats on the silver keep up top chops
. and congrats. Love the tissue, great idea and nicely done.
Thank you for the kind words folks (and of course votes.), really very much appreciated Hopefully back to do a bit more 'shopping in the coming weeks

Funny Shaving Ryan's Privates

Shaving Ryan's Privates
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. Genius play on words. Me also likes this byline "things are about to get itchy"

Funny Durer has a Shave and a Haircut Painting

Durer has a Shave and a Haircut Painting
Member reactions:
, like it
LOVE the face expression and the scissors

Funny Angelina Jolie Shaved Head

Angelina Jolie Shaved Head
Angelina's Hairdo after Taxes

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