Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton.

Funny Al Sharpton, Now Listen To Me

Al Sharpton, Now Listen To Me
Considering the definition of politician and Al's involvement in politics. IE... his Radio and political MSNBC tv show. I feel Al qualifies for this contest. In any event, I would just like to share this picture with you guys...
Member reactions:
Great job (though really, his nose should be a loooooot longer - ha).
Thanks Gummmy, Bob, Crafty, HH, and Mano... Actually Bob, when Al lies everything grows even his flinger. Thanks HH, It feels good to be able to use my hand (some) again.
Great Job,Spat. Congrats on the Gold,and a healed hand from looks of your work.
Thanks, Reggie. The hand is much better but still (under wraps) so to speak for a couple more weeks. (:
Good one, he is a Top Pinocchio, good chop, I go tomorrow for a check up and to get a New Wrap or a Cast, glad to hear you're doing a little better, I still have six weeks or so, driving me batty. Congrats on the win.
Thanks, Hobbit. Good luck with your checkup. I know exactly what you mean about the healing time driving you batty. (:

Funny Mother Sharpton and Kids

Mother Sharpton and Kids
Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win,this is a good/funny one....
Gold Congrats Splats. Hilarious and well done.
Thank you very much Hobbit, Andrew, HH, Reggie and Bob. Tons of work in this "lets call it a glorified paste and face swap". I very happy that effort paid off. (:

Funny sharpton alien

sharpton alien

Funny Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton

Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton

Funny Obama's and Sharpton's

Obama's and Sharpton's

Funny Big Al Sharpton

Big Al Sharpton
Member reactions:
Nice caricature work, Uncle-C. One of my faves. Shoulda finished higher.
Yeah, might be the subject matter, but it should have finished higher.
Thanks for that SplatS, appreciate it. Yeah Hits,I think this contest wasn't for caricatures, thanks for comment.

Funny Sharpton And The IRS

Sharpton And The IRS

Funny Barack Obama and Al Sharpton Holding Hands

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton Holding Hands

Funny Homelss Al Sharpton on the Street with Obama

Homelss Al Sharpton on the Street with Obama

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