Elton John with a Heart Shaped Head
Elton John with a Heart Shaped Head
Elton John with a Heart Shaped Head.

Funny Figure Shaped Pen

Figure Shaped Pen
Shapely Pen
Member reactions:
I'd buy it

Funny Penguin Shaped Google Phone with Linux

Penguin Shaped Google Phone with Linux
Member reactions:
good ol' Tux is in teh haus. The design is great. But it got me to thinkin the first time i saw it, that this is an Intel or a linux phone. Like google is only a software on this intel phone.Nothin says google on the outside part of the phone. Google will only come when the phone is turned on. But still a great job overall.
You are correct. Added a small logo inside, of course the big one was on the cover but you can't see it.
Love the penguin shape. I would make the google words outside the phone with some motion blur to see that they are moving.

Funny Heart Shaped Red Hot Air Balloon

Heart Shaped Red Hot Air Balloon
Member reactions:
Should make a great valentine's day card or a poster. Love it.

Funny Coffin Shaped Building

Coffin Shaped Building
Coffin Building Scary Story
Member reactions:
The skull looks a bit transparent. Birds are a bit too large compared to the buildings.

Funny Human Shaped Banknote

Human Shaped Banknote
Member reactions:
NOOKIE NOTES. HAHAHAHAHA. Tears in my eye I laugh so hard ... still laughing.
Quality concept and mint work. I would try exterimenting with decreasing the contrast of Franklin's face to see if it will match the rest of the body better.
I like it, however, putting it under a street lamp would be awesome.
Street light and contrast are good tips, thanks
This edit is just perfect. Registered was right about suggesting to put it on the street.
Ben, made me laugh. But wasn't it George W who slept around the then capital.
This is so excellent Rainmaker.. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be online to enter or vote for this contest. Look like fun. Oh, but this entry is so cherry. Congrats.

Funny Toast in the Shape of Iran

Toast in the Shape of Iran
Britain studying Iran standoff options
Member reactions:
Not sure Supertramp had this in mind..hehe. Gave me a chuckle, the missile finned utensils are priceless.
... This is awsome... Love the knife & fork missiles.
kind cartoonish but idea and execution is so outstanding, well done
I could imagine this on the cover of Time Magazine. Satire and Photoshopping in its best form. My favorite in this contest.

Funny Cow with Human Shaped Ears

Cow with Human Shaped Ears
Member reactions:
I believe...Mr., Sarcasm, that the added effects to the source image are the ears, which, might I say, are nicely blended. Little details count too, Bo Bo.
....Very funny. Love the hair/fur/hide work on the ears.
Quality work. It looks almost sumbtel at first look, because of the excellent integration. In other words the human parts look very natural on the cow.

Funny Rooster with a Hand Shaped Comb

Rooster with a Hand Shaped Comb
He's quite the handy guy to have around the farm.
Member reactions:
A hand on the bird is worth two on the bush.
The hold my beer chicken. Not sure if I want Kentucky Fried fingers though.

Funny Chili Pepper in the Shape of a Woman

Chili Pepper in the Shape of a Woman
Well after readed that Chili peppers spicing up meals for 6,100 years I started to think about... mmmm... Does Chili had a differend shape. Does it had a diferent flavor. or maybe it was just more HOT . Thank to EmZed for let me use this incredible image. Confirmation are available if is request. Don't forget the full view.
Member reactions:
Sweet work - this chilli is pretty hot indeed
It looks like you put alot of work into this, well done. -Edited by Moderator on 2/17/2007 4:52:22 PM
Hey hey hey..... thanks a lot to all voters who support my hottie entry, specially to Newsy, duffski & slippypixel for take less than a minute to comment. Also admins thanks for the POTD selection & TigerPrincess for the gold star. Of course thanks God.

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