Barack Obama Shampoo
Barack Obama Shampoo
Barack Obama Shampoo. Member reactions:
Wonderful.... great ad created and the way you have potraited Obama in different shades of showing off his hair style in the Ad is awesome
Clean chop Excellent concept neat and clean
Wanderer, your work gets better and better. I love your chops.
Awesome, but I would change the female hands for Obama's black male hands

Head & Shoulders Funny Shampoo Advert

Head & Shoulders Funny Shampoo Advert
Member reactions:
.... Hilarious I can't see the shoulders only hair covered the whole upper body well done like this AD
Liked this one a lot...thought it would finish higher

Funny Laurence Fishburne Hair Color Shampoo

Laurence Fishburne Hair Color Shampoo
He's got the look.

Funny Nike Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Nike Shampoo for Blonde Hair
Member reactions:
hahaha that's really funny one and very cool too
I thought this would score higher. It's adorable.
Same here.....deserved higher place in my humble opinion.
Thanks Krrish, Pcr, ArchNemesis, Evrio...and no problem, it's people choice.

Funny Acorn Shampoo for Squirrel Tail Softness

Acorn Shampoo for Squirrel Tail Softness
From Scratch, except the squirrel and leaf. Credit tutorial 9 for inspiration.
Member reactions:
There's a thin acorn shape near the "brown and grey", is it wanted.
No, I fixed it. Looked like I laid an acorn shaped coffee cup on my advertising masterpiece. Thanks.

Funny Shampoo Advert

Shampoo Advert

Funny Sarah Palin Shampoo Advert

Sarah Palin Shampoo Advert

Funny Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff Shampoo
Dandruff Ad.
Member reactions:
lmfao. I know my vote doesn't really count for much, and certainly my opinion often varries from the norm, (according to my Karma), but I'd like to let you know, you really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD... ya got my vote.
Dang, I'm sorry. I don't usually say too much, but I liked your image so much at first, I stopped and looked at it too long. I love the image, but I have 2 suggestions b4 voting opens. 1) match skin tones of hand to face. The 2nd is a little more dificult, but possible. The depth-of-field is off. The fingers are blurry, but not what they're holding. Sorry, I hope I didn't change your mind. I REALLY do love this pic. Still the only imaGE THAT GAVE ME A PHYSICAL RESPONSE. ))))
Thanks..I've played with it to see if I could remedy the those things you suggested, don't know if it looks any better, but I do appreciate your enthusiasm on this entry.
I am also . Great concept, and great edit. The look on BALDwin's face is priceless

Funny Let your Light shine Shampoo

Let your Light shine Shampoo

Funny Yoda Shampoo Advert

Yoda Shampoo Advert
full view please....
Member reactions:
the combination of the light is very good, i think you should put the logotxt at the left bottom that point with the stick.

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