Native American Shaman
Native American Shaman
Native American Shaman. Native American Shaman (created personally for Hobbit)

Funny Rabbit Shaman

Rabbit Shaman

Funny Barack Obama Shaman

Barack Obama Shaman
Obamacare yet another flop
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. The face may be a tad too large for the body (unless made so intentionally)
cool. The zombie doctor could be toned down just a touch, so as not to distract from the main focal point.
Funk speaks sooth. But other than that this is terriffic. What rockin combinations of sources...

Funny Shaman Barack Obama

Shaman Barack Obama
Obama Has The Support Of Peruvian Faith-healers source
Member reactions:
Superb. He does look like an American Indian.
Congrats Funk x2 Obama casinos coming soon...
Thanks, Newsy, I enhanced his nose and his jaw quite a bit for the right effect.
Wood gets Wood too. Congratulations, matey
Congrats on double cups. Like the subtle changes to the facial features. Nice work.

Funny The Shaman

The Shaman
Member reactions:
Lovely source image, I find it difficult to get American Indian pics.

Funny The Little White Shaman

The Little White Shaman

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