Shakira with Shark Teeth
Shakira with Shark Teeth
Shakira with Shark Teeth. She Wolf. She Shark.

Funny Mariah Carrey and Shakira

Mariah Carrey and Shakira
Member reactions:
They look alike, I found two pics who fit perfect and I blended well look at the source source
Quality work, but perhaps should cut down on airbrishing as it takes away from photo realism which is important in this contest
Thanks Rajesh, Newsy...yes it was a bad idea to airbrush the skin.

Funny Shakira Bobblehead

Shakira Bobblehead
Shakira the beautiful bobble head girl

Funny Francois Hollande and Shakira

Francois Hollande and Shakira
Shakira is now officially French Approved.
Member reactions:
Good one, nice background and clean job done

Funny Shakira with a Beard

Shakira with a Beard
this song is soooooo wild... :o
Member reactions:
Wild wild West so funny
You could'nt find a better girl that Shakira in that role, .
Great.... the head looks bigger but its nice. great work of putting the beard with the similar color of hair is very good
So Cute the Little Beared Good Composition.......
Congrads on the cup in the Berdulano-Bearder contest.
She looks like Axl Rose, . Congrats on the win, Marco.
Wonderful Gold Marco ..
thank you... its nice to win a crowded contest like this

Funny Sultry Siren Shakira the Mermaid

Sultry Siren Shakira the Mermaid
Shakira has a voice beautiful enough to lure sailors into her cave.
Member reactions:
Good merging but still I miss some smoothness, anyways good work and nice background.
Nicely blended, Perfect matching to the background and mix of fishes were too good

Funny Shakira Live

Shakira Live
Member reactions:
This looks amazing. Great action shot with all that hair moving.
Cool pic....She looks like a tumbleweed blowing into town.
Awesome, great work of photoshop. Fantastic move of hairs and wonderful posture. Good luck.
Great Job done, Very well done with the hair.... Great idea to including the stadium on the back
congratulations nice work to bad she didnt sing at the superbowl.
Woody congratulations. Very well done. Great work Black ...
Super rocking chop. Congrats on the wood, Mr. Black.
Great caricature and her hair is so awesome, wood congrats Black.
Disasterman111 rajeshstar pcrdds preemiememe Kellie AzureSky Newsy Sunshin3 Many thanks guys..Glad you like it.
vey good Black ... , congrats on the wood

Funny Shakira in a Deserted Building

Shakira in a Deserted Building
Thx to mjranum stock
Very cool
Too good the color focus is perfectly matched the image. Looks terrific
I just keep telling myself "those are not her feet, those are not her feet" . Everything else looks fantastic.
It is lovely. Well done on 5th place Mark. Those feet look fine to me, they are in keeping with walking through a hot dusty back alley, in proportion too. Not all women have tiny dainty feet boys .
Wonderful work in all regards. Tough race in this contest. Wish this one would get a trophy too.
xDDDD thx for the comments and votes... And her feet... I did not modify that feet, the source image was in that way xDDDDD

Funny Shakira's Magical Birthday

Shakira's Magical Birthday
Member reactions:
Thx Madame Sunshin3
Thank you very much , Awesome69 , AzureSky & Paul ....
So much work here, just look at the beautiful teddies and balloons too. Lovely composition.
What a fantastic lights and best suited concept for 35th theame..
Thx so much AzureSky , balodiya , LunaC & ericnorthend
This is Awesome.... A perfect birthday theme, with sparkling giggles out of the Recorder
Looks great but she would never wear that much clothing. She loves to show the skin.
The ugh boots crack me up
Wonderful image Chili your work is as hot as your name., Awesome69 it is a shame there only 4 winning places. The standards on FN rise higher and higher each day.

Funny Happy Birthday Shakira

Happy Birthday Shakira

Funny Shakira

It's a big day for one of the most underrated singers on the planet - Shakira turns 35 today! Because her hips don't lie, we must also be honest with our visitors and present you with several interesting facts about Shakira: * She has won a pair of Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammys and even received a Golden Globe nomination. * Shakira started the Bare Feet Foundation, which subsidizes education and builds schools in the star's home country of Colombia. * Shakira wrote her first song at eight years old. In November 2011 she has got a star in Hollywood on Walk of Fame. * Her favorite band is U2. She doesn't eat candy. She doesn't drink coffee or alcohol. Her favorite actor is Hugh Grant. Her favourite color is black. * In 2006 a 4.5m (14' 8") tall and five-ton (10,000 pounds) heavy giant metal statue of Shakira has been put up on the central square of her hometown Barranquilla, Colombia. * Shakira means in Hindi, Goddess Of Light and in Arabic, Woman Full Of Grace. * She was listed in Mr. Blackwell's 46th annual "Worst Dressed" list. * She was attacked by a lunatic man in Australia with a bag of cement, in May 2006. * Mattel put out several Barbie dolls inspired by Shakira and her look. HAPPY 35th, SHAKIRA! To mark the 35th birthday or Shakira, photoshop her any way you wish.

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