Faces Sewn Together
Faces Sewn Together
Faces Sewn Together. One can't always Become a whole Person, Even with all the right ingredients....
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Freaky, reminds me that maniac business from The Silence of The Lambs
What are the strange white and grey pixels on the top left.
ohh shoot ty Im old.TY forgot to crop.
Creepy one... the heart and the eyeball looks horrible good one
That is bhut ugggly concoction hahahahahaah. Dang girl. Congrats on the cup. Totally Hitchcockian
Congrats Pree. I see you're still tearing the place up. You've worked your way up to #7, impressive. Love your work.

Funny George Bush Working at a Sewing Machine in Prison

George Bush Working at a Sewing Machine in Prison
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Funny Kayne West Sewing His Mouth Shut

Kayne West Sewing His Mouth Shut
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Great composition but I don't know who is he
You must be of a different generation Luciano Morelli His name is Kanye West and he has a tendency of saying and doing very rude things publicly. I thought he was famous the world over but I guess you have been spared.
Disturbing and impressive. Kayne certainly deserves it
Yep Vlad, unfortunately he does. Obam would be easy, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn Rosie O', Rush Limbaugh if you are a progressive, Dr. Phill or even me if we simply annoy you..., big list Renegade Thanks Newsey and Pat.
A perfect example of drinking alcohol without using the mouth Great work on the stitches on the mouth and the devil peeping from his hole of the skull... this represents a devil workshop of an idle mind Great work overall
Very cool. Too bad we can't really stitch his mouth shut.
Fantastic work on this, congrats on the win and hope you had a nice Christmas.
Hey thanks Rajesh, Jim, Opcrom, Doc, Toledo Eagle, Bob, Pat and Hobbit, and yes, I did have a nice Xmas and hope you and everybody else did too...err... those of us that celebrate it

Funny Clock Being Sewn Into an Eye

Clock Being Sewn Into an Eye
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Love the detail on this one. Some may find it a little on the "edge" but strangly thats what makes me want to look at it further. Love it.
Freaky revolting but freaky cool too, John. Dang. You have been drinking and watching Hellraiser again, ain't ya. Hahahahah
slipped over to the dark side there for a while . thanks guys

Funny Sew II

Sew II

Funny Woman Sewing Her Lips

Woman Sewing Her Lips

Funny Woman with Her Mouth and Eyes Sewn Shut

Woman with Her Mouth and Eyes Sewn Shut
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Also beautiful in a macabre way. I believe I know who did this one...even though the author is somewhat new to FN.

Funny Chipmunks Sewn Onto Jeans

Chipmunks Sewn Onto Jeans
I tried to make something like this here is the WIP
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Excellent job, thanks for the WIP, I had never seen thought of this method for this kind of chop... Great Job...
Excellent WIP was gr8 viewing Not sure of your title though...shipmunks.
Kellie, I know the titel is wierd but I found this picture on a site with coloring pages for kids. The titel of the color plate was Alvin and the Chipmunks color plate (from the movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks) .
Kellie. Creative idea. Good luck
kellie, haha, I just realised it. I wrote a mistake Chipmunks . yeah I'm sorry it was late
Excellent work, thanks for putting up the WIP. Can you do my jeans too, please.
Congrats tim. I've done patchwork but was a different style than in your WIP. Great work.
Congrats Tim, learned a new style from your WIP Great Job...

Funny Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Funny Sewn Up

Sewn Up
Anjelina with Christina's lips

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