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Funny Set Pictures

Ooops, Wrong SetFunny Ooops, Wrong Set
Member reactions:
A boy monk appears to walk into a 'man-cave' where three young men whoop it up during a football game, but the hook tell us all of these are actors.

Unsafe Archery SetFunny Unsafe Archery Set
Member reactions:

Oops. Here kitty kitty.
Great concept. Wish you could have gotten a higher resolution little girl in the front.
she was in the picture farther away, its crap but oh well.
This reminds me why I did not become a Parent.Ouch.
thanks pc, it was a quicky, the arrows suck, and quite frankly I shouldn't have posted it......... to sloppy. No more quickys from here on out.

Antonio Banderes with Two Sets of EyesFunny Antonio Banderes with Two Sets of Eyes
Member reactions:

. Reminds me of one of our classic contests. Perhaps we should run one again. Double vision baybee.

Soldier Setting a Pepper BombFunny Soldier Setting a Pepper Bomb
Member reactions:

Don't give the enemy any ideas-novel concept.
Hilarious. The timer and a fuse - what could possibly go wrong.

White House Studios Moon Landing SetFunny White House Studios Moon Landing Set
Member reactions:

Creative concept, but masking needs more work. Also shadows need to be placed a bit differently, so that they belong to the ground surface

Superman Checks Out Star Wars SetFunny Superman Checks Out Star Wars Set
Member reactions:

Cool but some shadows from the superman and robot are needed

The Water Lily Setting gets too popularFunny The Water Lily Setting gets too popular
Member reactions:

I tried to make the extra elements look like paintings. If you have any advice on how to improve it, let me know.
I would use some artistic filters which would distort the added parts with brush strokes. As of now, I like the composition but the added elements are too clean and smooth compared to the main painting source

Kevin Bacon on Movie SetFunny Kevin Bacon on Movie Set
Member reactions:

Sopranos Box SetFunny Sopranos Box Set
Member reactions:

TV Sun SetFunny TV Sun Set
Member reactions:

"sit down and see the sun set"

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