Record Setting Boobs
Record Setting Boobs
Record Setting Boobs. World's Biggest ...
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When you need a sack of flower. ...There's never enough.
all that up stairs and in high heels, damm
Give's a whole 'nother meaning to "Hershey bars" LoL How does she manage not to fall face flat
I obviously had to "read" the article. Some claims are inflated, but not this one.

Funny Ready, set!....

Ready, set!.... his canine partner.
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Funny The Sun Never Sets

The Sun Never Sets
. Who child of our generation did not fantasize at some time about being an astronaut - well here you go. Happy Birthday.
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Clean work, love the badges. Heyyy, Steve great to see you back, buddy.

Funny Clocks on Drum Set

Clocks on Drum Set
Comments are very important..
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Agree with all previews comments, I think it is the most creative entry , and i like that you turned the drums stands to gold to match the clock
Hey congratulations Felina , a well deserved award.

Funny Butterfly Quilt Cover Set

Butterfly Quilt Cover Set

Funny Meet Me At The Swing Set

Meet Me At The Swing Set
Toddlers in love : --> Please Full View
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hey kids, nice place for dating.
Very well done.. nice composition - but needs editing around the arms on both. Good work.

Funny Chemistry Set

Chemistry Set
Just what every kid needs.....or not.

Funny Nighthawks, NYC, 1942 with a TV Set

Nighthawks, NYC, 1942 with a TV Set
Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks", 1942. He said he based it on a diner in NYC. In 1942 TV in America was interrupted by the War, except in a few places, NYC being one of them, where WABD continued to broadcast. Original Hopper
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Clean work. I though this would place higher. The bartender looking at the TV is a great touch.
Thanks, Newsy. Voters want flash, over quality.

Funny Olympic Flame Setting Web Page Alight

Olympic Flame Setting Web Page Alight

Funny Unsafe Archery Set

Unsafe Archery Set
Oops. Here kitty kitty.
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Great concept. Wish you could have gotten a higher resolution little girl in the front.
she was in the picture farther away, its crap but oh well.
This reminds me why I did not become a Parent.Ouch.
thanks pc, it was a quicky, the arrows suck, and quite frankly I shouldn't have posted it......... to sloppy. No more quickys from here on out.

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