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Funny Sesame Pictures

Attack of The 50FT bird on Sesame StreetFunny Attack of The 50FT bird on Sesame Street
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Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin Sesame Street BookFunny Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin Sesame Street Book
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Looks like Elmo is going to need a Trauma Councillor....Nice work
Thanks, Disasterman. Elmo is in trouble, no doubt.
. Sharing is Caring, . Good stuff.
Congrats. on the silver pc,hilarious entry,as usual

Cyclops Sesame Street CharactersFunny Cyclops Sesame Street Characters
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Make sure you check out all the little details... like in the windows.. and on the concrete..
There are 17 cyclops can you find them all
You didn't use any reflections and you sound happier; Good. Congrats.
Congrats on the bronze StephenJClifford, Great job.
Congrats on the bronze, definately a favorite.
Thanks guys and ladies... Glad to finally get a top three...
Cool, double congradulations then.. Pretty cute idea
Clever concept. Surprisingly the muppets look very natural as cyclops. Congrats on the bronze, Stephen.
That should be first Very very good work dude )
StephenJClifford ))) 1st trophy.... congrats congratulation. (((feels good....)))

Sesame Street AstronautsFunny Sesame Street Astronauts
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The cookie monster is my favorite one here. He looks scared or confused, .

Murder on Sesame Street - BertFunny Murder on Sesame Street - Bert
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Totally amazing and looks professionally done.

Freddy Kruger on Sesame St.Funny Freddy Kruger on Sesame St.
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Sources used is here
Not sure if I would let my kids watch this ... nice chopping though.
great work and composition are great. congrats rain.
Thanks all

Sesame StreetFunny Sesame Street
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Celebs jockey for a spot on Sesame Street .
His color pattern may need a light shift to warmer colors.

Sesame StreetFunny Sesame Street
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News story
Up against the WALL you REDneck mother.. old song
Three three three lets sing a song of many is three... "Ménage À Trois"
I'm finally gonna get to see Elmo naked.
it looks like the "x" is slightly mis-aligned
today's program is brought to you by the letters F and U
News. is on a roll today. Well done, I always knew there was somethin' funny goin on there.
The question still remains: Are Bert & Ernie lovers.
--> Don't get too excited. There isn't much to see.
Can you tell me how to get, how to get it on Sex Me Streeeet
unfortunately, on my monitor i see a black halo around the top part of the left side of the x, and a very distracting grey box around the entire word "me".
I see the halo and box too. Great idea and well executed otherwise.
I see it now 3yrs later LoL On my new monitor

Sesame Street with Howard DeanFunny Sesame Street with Howard Dean
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Sesame KingpinFunny Sesame Kingpin
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