Est. Service 1840
Est. Service 1840
Est. Service 1840. The observance of Groundhog Day in the United States first occurred in German communities in Pennsylvania, according to known records. The earliest mention of Groundhog Day is an entry on February 2, 1840, in the diary of James L. Morris of Morgantown, in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, according to the book on the subject by Don Yoder. This was a Welsh enclave but the diarist was commenting on his neighbors who were of German stock.
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He's either scared or something has just bit him on the arse... Good One.

Funny Roadside Service Finally Got Here

Roadside Service Finally Got Here
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Imaginative Idea. Paul probably ran it out of gas.
Gold Congrats to the GumMaster. Delightful chop, the blur between crafts a nice touch.
3 Fingered Paul was lucky to escape this crash landing. Congrats On the Win, Gumster.
Also weclome to the "Freaking News Hall Of Fame", Gummy...
Yes... I second that Champ. Congrats Gummy, On chopping your way into the "Freaking News Hall Of Fame".
Oups. Sorry, I have the wrong recipient, you understand, the above message is for Gommeux
Oh , Thanks HOF I had no Idea. cool beans.

Funny Secret service agent Error

Secret service agent Error
Even quick relationship can bring to fatal error

Funny Room Service

Room Service
Sarah Sanders and Bill Clinton

Funny van Gogh Septic Service

van Gogh Septic Service

Funny Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service
Click Here For A Song Then tab back here while it plays.
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Very Nice, Song Is Beautiful, thanks for posting the song.
Crafty, Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing. Get over it. We put up with obama for 8 years y'all can do the same.

Funny Winter Service Is Coming

Winter Service Is Coming

Funny Unemployed actor was hired for service royal family as waiter

Unemployed actor was hired for service royal family as waiter
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Having a vision of, 'The Royals Are Coming' from the award ceremony framed behind. Cool.

Funny Koryo Air Service

Koryo Air Service
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LOl... see what is being served in Air Koryo.... simply terrific to see this pic
The stewardess is irresistible. Congratulations

Funny Service is App

Service is App

Funny U.S. Postal Service: New Stamps Needed

U.S. Postal Service: New Stamps Needed
Whom would you put on a stamp? Charlie Sheen? Lady Gaga? Yourself? Hoping to boost sagging revenue, the U.S. Postal Service abandoned on Monday its long-standing rule that stamps cannot feature people who are still alive and is asking the public for suggestions. The post office is inviting suggestions through Facebook, Twitter, a website and by mail to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, c/o Stamp Development, Room 3300, 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20260-3501. Let's help the U.S. Postal Service find new stamp designs that may (or may not) help them boost their sagging revenue. Let's show what new stamps may (or may not) appeal to the public. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the contest concept.

Funny Public Service Advertisment

Public Service Advertisment
Smoking a pipe causes cancer? Well DUH! Common sense would tell anyone that smoking a pipe would cause cancer. Yet scientists study and report on the obvious. Photoshop a public service advertising that informs the public of something they should already know, either through basic education or commonsense (i. e., "Eating 3 fast food meals a day can increase your risk of heart disease", etc.) Make your public service advertisment as real as possible.

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