Strength is to be found in serenity.
Strength is to be found in serenity.
Strength is to be found in serenity.. The strenght is to be found in serenity. Tornado Man cutting the lawn.
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Reminds me of my neighbor
Thank you everybody..... Did not expect it, but was hoping of course....

Funny Serenity Reaver Mutant Human

Serenity Reaver Mutant Human
They hide in boneyards of discarded dead ships drifting in the cold outer reaches of our galaxy. No longer human, they will eat anything
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Yes his face is on backwards on purpose.
Excellent job. I like the mix of horror and mistery.
I agree with Lu. The key word would be mystery. If his head were on forward I would have ask myself a lot fewer questions, and spent much less time studying your work. One Great Piece.
Thank you Krrish, SS, Eric, Hidreley and Luciano. It would help to be a "Serenity" fan and judging from the poor votes so far I think it might not be as popular of a movie as, well, as much as I liked it . Reavers are basically pirates that live in space junk yards. They are a lot like the mutants in "The Hills Have Eyes" and survive on spare parts whether that be human or mechanical. occasionally they attack ships and cannibalize everything and everyone. This chop was simply a spoof on Reavers and how screwed up they are by rebuilding this guy and putting the face on backwards. Picture the three Stooges as Surgeons...
Full marks.... amazing chop done with the hands of God.... like the stitching of the skin
Congratulations. HitSpinner is outside the realm of consciousness and into the swirling Darkness of infinity. Cool HS.
Horror + mystery = works for me. Lotsa work here, I just think the left part of the vest should not be blurry. Did the source come with blurriness or did you do ot to achieve the distance effect. The skin which is on the same distance as the vest is not blurry, and judging from the rest of the image, the viewer is located not as close to have different focus on the vest parts which are just inches away.
Bronze congrats, Tim. Very strange, but very cool.
I think the original was actually a still from the Batman film. It is a picture if Bane's back and the focal difference is a really, really weird anomaly. I noticed it too but shrugged it off as curious enough to leave in. You just don't see that rapid of a change in focus unless you are shooting micro. Good eye, catching that, Vlad. Thanks to you and Pat.
Thanks Doc, thanks PJ.... errr not every time but much improved over earlier years for sure. I am actually pretty lucky at wins considering I mix it up so much- some funny, some sad, some traditional, some whopper-chops, some obscure like this one hahahaahahah

Funny Woman in Secluded Serenity

Woman in Secluded Serenity

Funny Serenity

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Congrats on the bronze, Hamid1976. When I saw your entry I had a feeling it would be a top 3
Hamid))))) this has such a wonderful feeling .. congratulations ...

Funny Monk Serenity Denied

Monk Serenity Denied
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Very nice darling. P.S. no I haven't been behaving. Why would I ever do such a thing.

Funny Serenity


Funny Serenity Field

Serenity Field

Funny Serenity da Vinci

Serenity da Vinci
Noise Cancellation Headphones - Leonardo Used them Himself While Drawing
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Good idea, but unfortunately too small...

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