Rocky The Sequel
Rocky The Sequel
Rocky The Sequel.

Funny Keanu Reeves in the Next Matrix Sequel in 3D

Keanu Reeves in the Next Matrix Sequel in 3D
Member reactions:
Thanks, Newsy, balodiya, eric and luciano.
excellent idea. Clean choppage too. Congrats mate
Thanks, Tim, its420, Bob, G-Man and Elegary.

Funny Gravity 2: The Sequel

Gravity 2: The Sequel
This is the clean version of the idea. You have to love sequels.

Funny Yawns the Jaws Sequel

Yawns the Jaws Sequel
Since i missed out on the Movie-title messup a few days ago with about 2 minutes ill post it here...
Member reactions:
Well just looking at this has made me yawn, (twice). Ya can't help it when someone yawn, it's contagious.
Where are the teeth of shark does it not show up if the shark yawns .

Funny Spock in Star Trek Sequel

Spock in Star Trek Sequel
‘Star Trek’ sequel
Member reactions:
very well caricatured with the clean finishing on the face along with the lighting effects
Perfect sparking effects and image reflactions. Good pic.
Congrats mandrake. I was sure this would beat me.
Really nice PSM . . . I especially like what you did with the background … great coloring as well.

Funny Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sequel

Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sequel
'Top Gun' sequel on the way
Member reactions:
need to mask out the reflection of the guy in his glasses
Great job but it doesn't fit. Sorry my wireless internet connection is really bad today.
i see deadddogs point. there is a reflection of a mystery person in tom cruise's glasses
Maybe DD meant "why are Civilians on a high security, military flightline." (the reflection...)An airshow. Just a curiosity that adds to the drama of the chop.Or I could be Nuts, too. Nice work.
my question is "why is Mystery Man not wearing a necktie.
I don't see a problem with the civilian guy in the glasses. But I also don't see a reason to ask for image deletion because of such comments. If somebody comments on a great chop and says "it's a crap", is this a reason to remove a great chop. If I were the author I'd rather not care about such comments then get emotional about them.
It seems to me that, the author is being too defensive and not opening themselves up to constructive critique … if you set aside your pride, and take the suggestion to heart, I think you may agree that, this is a caricature portrait, and the appearance of an unrelated image in the sunglass reflection, works as a distraction from the portrait. I considered using this image of Tom Cruise in the past, but knew if I was to use it , that my first task was to remove the reflection, or replace it with something related to the chop. I believe this is the point deaddog was alluding to. I see this as positive constructive critique, offered to help make an already great chop become even better.
Thanks qtmoonshop...I was getting a headache over the reflection issue and you explained it very succinctly. Congratulations on the Bronze PSMandrake.
Beautiful job Mandrake. I love this caricature.
Bronze congratulations PSMandrake … great caricature work.
Congrats PSM. & I concurr with News - my comment, although in Ironic brakets was perhaps not ironic enough. Now then, 2nd question - is Tom not too short of stature to hold the joystick and reach the pedals at the same time.

Funny Twilight Sequel Bite Me

Twilight Sequel Bite Me
Already had this one. Used PS, Poser and Wacom Intuos 4, full reconstruction of heads and body with tablet For Higher Resolution, click full view Stock
Member reactions:
Congrats JTO, excellent work and my fave of the lot. Even had webbed hands to go with the water
Congrats on the wood jtotheotothee, great chop.
Congrats, Jto.

Funny Twilight Sequel Painting

Twilight Sequel Painting
simple artwork,, hope u like it...

Funny Jaws Sequel

Jaws Sequel
Member reactions:
Me too. I had this figured for a top spot

Funny Bill Clinton in Psycho Sequel

Bill Clinton in Psycho Sequel

Funny Avatar Sequels

Avatar Sequels
James Cameron has finally re-announced the release of the upcoming Avatar sequels..not just one, but a total of 4 movies will be included in the movie franchise. The journey continues December 18, 2020, December 17, 2021, December 20, 2024, and December 19, 2025. Cameron has stated that the storylines will be amazing! Put yourself in the Director's chair and create Avatar characters from other celebrity or politicians. For more background on the Avatar movies Click Here to learn more.

Funny Twilight Sequel

Twilight Sequel
Twilight fans call it "the total 'Eclipse' of the box office" - the debut of the third Twilight installment this Wednesday sold $68.5 million of movie tickets - which is a new record for takings from midnight screenings in the US. Long lines were evident at theaters across America, and in fact, some obsessive people were camping out for several days to get the "Eclipse" tickets. Twilight fans who have just seen the "Eclipse" already can't wait for the next Twilight installment. Let's not keep them waiting too long and design the posters for some possible (or impossible) Twilight sequel(s).

Funny The Wizard of Oz sequel

The Wizard of Oz sequel
Dakota Fanning will star in the Wizard of Oz sequel. She will step into the Oz shoes of Dorothy’s granddaughter who will replace Dorothy in the new Oz plot. While the Wizard of Oz sequel will still follow the general story of the original Wizard of Oz, the new Oz will be slightly more action packed and darker, according to a Warner Brothers executive. As reported, Wizard of Oz sequel co-producer Todd McFarlane revealed, "You’ve still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she’s much closer to the Ripley character from Alien [Sigourney Weaver] than a helpless singing girl." So Warners tells us the new Oz be "darker and more action-packed" than the original 1939 musical. Let's help the studio create The Wizard of Oz sequel, by photoshopping it any way you wish.

Funny Star Wars Sequels

Star Wars Sequels
[ Director George Lucas announced that he's quitting film-making and moves to TV projects. Says Lucas: “We don't want to make movies, we're getting into television. The feature film thing is too expensive and it's too risky. For that same $200 million I can make 50 to 60 two-hour movies.” ] Read the above quote again. Read it twice if you have to. Now picture it being said by a film-school loser dropout. Because that's the kind of person that should be saying stuff like that, not a creator of the most beloved blockbusters of all times. Lucas wants to continue the Star Wars saga on television, and is working on a computer animated and a live action series both based in the sci-fi universe. But something tells me that the low budget "Star Wars Action: Jedi Jedi Bang Bang" isn't going to be Lucas's greatest hit. In this contest you are asked to create a low budget TV sequel / version of Star Wars (sitcom, series, shows, etc.), or include Star Wars characters into famous series/sitcom and change series / sitcom name accordingly.

Funny Movie Sequels

Movie Sequels
Photoshop sequel to any movie, starring politicians and celebrities you wouldn't normally expect in movies.

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