Sepp Gone Mad
Sepp Gone Mad
Sepp Gone Mad. You gave up how much annual salary.
Member reactions:
Looks fantastic.....
Great caricature but FIFA logo looks too horizontal.
Thanks Bob- Doc. Hobbit, yes he does.
Thanks Andrew. So what is the deal with this guy. He's innocent but bails on a 7 million dollar a year salary. If I was making that sort of bank you'd have to assassinate me to get me out of the office.



Funny sepp montana

sepp montana

Funny FIFA farewell match in Sepp Blatter

FIFA farewell match in Sepp Blatter



Funny Sepp Blatter: `I Quit!`

Sepp Blatter: `I Quit!`
Member reactions:
Should be "I quit" instead of "I am quit"
Sort of Shakspearian "I am quit" Either way... hahahahahah Top 5 woots

Funny Sepp Blatter in Retro Soap Advert

Sepp Blatter in Retro Soap Advert
Member reactions:
background is very pixelated, compared to the new layers
Nice use of the recent FIFA news. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.
Hahahahahaha Time sensitive heheh great job

Funny FIFA Red Card for Sepp Blatter

FIFA Red Card for Sepp Blatter
Member reactions:
Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA president Goodbye Sepp. FIFA will be cleaned up and sanitized after you.

Funny Sepp Blatter as Dr Evil

Sepp Blatter as Dr Evil
Blatter Meglomaniac

Funny Sepp Blatter's Used Balls

Sepp Blatter's Used Balls
Member reactions:
What kind of balls we are talking about .

Funny Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter
FIFA president Sepp Blatter raised a few eyebrows on Tuesday when he surprisingly announced his resignation. Yes, FIFA was caught in a bribes scandal in awarding the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, and yes, Blatter was held responsible. Yet, preliminary investigations showed that Blatter had no knowledge of other FIFA officials corruption. The biggest surprise was that Blatter's resignation came just days after he was reelected as the head of football's world governing body. Photoshop Sepp Batter any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what new job offers he might accept or what hobbies he will have in his retirement. Have at it!

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