Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box
Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box
Jose Canseco Sends Twin to Celebrity Box. Former Baseball player Jose Canseco sends his twin brother to box for him in a Celebrity Boxing Match Jose Canseco is a former star Major League Baseball player who admitted to using Steroids and wrote a book about it. He exposed a lot of other players as well in the book. His twin brother, Ozzie, was never very good as a Major League baseball player.
Member reactions:
Excellent.....a lot of great work in this contest.
Brotherly love-eh. Probably gave him a shot before the match. Nice work.
Thanks, geriatric. You might be right about giving him a shot before the match.
Oh, man, he really did it. Poor twin, hahaha. Great chopping. Thanks for the interesting news too.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he really sent his twin.

Funny Homer Simpson Sent to Japan Nuclear Plant

Homer Simpson Sent to Japan Nuclear Plant
Member reactions:
The Best People. Janpan people are the best at any thing.

Funny Japan Sends Probe Back To Australia

Japan Sends Probe  Back To Australia
Larger is better News
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Looks pretty cool, I see Sulu in there too
It took around 6 hours. The soccer one took about 7. I'm getting faster Thanks RW-Kellie
Arrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh what kin of chcanery be this.... Ye relagate these fine battlebuddies to the wee bottom dregs of contests now past without a propper audience among the township ... Arrrrrrrrgggggg POX on ye and ye offspring for tree generations hahahahahahaha
Man, this chop makes me wanna read some sci-fi books again. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Ahhh bless your heart, you fixed the positioning, Newsey. Thanks man. I was really scratching my head on what had happened
hits..congratulations,, love George Takei..hes 1 of my favorite celebrities ,,
A lot of work Hitspinner.... Congrats on the Silver...
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner, awesome chop.
Oh- hey- what... Ya'll showed up at once.. Hahahah thanks a bunch, glad ya liked it... By the way, the big toaster looking space probe thinggie is a 1950s bus, twinned and sandwiched.

Funny Alien Banana Sent From Above

Alien Banana Sent From Above
X Ray scanner version .. I love it ...tutorial link Main source
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Somehow; the lighting and shadows seem backwards, considering that the shadows are to the left, as are the light rays from the (blurry.) spacecraft ... but then maybe "Hidden" knows something I don't as to light sources and shadows cast thereof. Just one (hopefully) constructive critique.
Thank you kanakahaole, Iīve noticed that, but the shadows are integrated in the original pic and itīs so difficult to change them ... I tried to generate the light source to fit the existing shadows casting of the original. I also used the burning tool and some adjustment layers to create big darker area and create a progressive light fx. The blurry spacecraft will be fixed tomorrow .
Kanakahaole is awesome... but this chop is awesome, too. Good job.
Jure I are, (pats self on back) ha ha ha ... now if'n I could just find the time to do more than just comment, like maybe spend 10 or more hours on entries --- I'd have more GOLD.
Nice image. I like that the 3 lights on the right provide light too.

Funny White House Sending Money to Car Makers

White House Sending Money to Car Makers
GM and Chrysler to Receive Up to $17.4 Billion in Loans
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Clever work. One of my favorites in the contest
While the Shadows are a bit soft. I feel this and some of the others had far Better Compositing Techniques than Some of the Winning Entries. Not Mine of Course.

Funny Barack Obama Sends John McCain to the Guillotine

Barack Obama Sends John McCain to the Guillotine
Related Story Where exactly does he have 'em. I don't understand McCain's comment. He's down in the polls and about to get his political head chopped off.
Member reactions:
Freaking News is sponsoring the event, dammit. Quality work
Is this what will happen on 04 Nov...Real regime change. Great CHOP...

Funny Angel Sending a Woman a Apple Laptop

Angel Sending a Woman a Apple Laptop
For all of the Apple fans out there.
Member reactions:
i'm still not sure after looking again and again. is he delivering the apple or does he pick it up.
yeah..... you r absolutly right, Macs are the heaven's computer. Viruses will stay on earth at the end of the world.
He is delivering the mac, as he is pointing out to the woman that it was sent from above.
Nifty. The cherub's laptop is perfect, but her pc looks a bit too small & like it's 'floating' off the floor. Now, considering that there are cherubs floating about, maybe the pc is supposed to float too. But, being that she's sitting on the floor, I was thinking that her pc should be too.
Great concept for this particular composition.

Funny Child Sent To Prison

Child Sent To Prison
Four-year-old sentenced to life in prison for murder in Egypt
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I'm working on that one error, learning how to control new skills can be time consuming Lucianomorelli.

Funny Robin Williams Angel Sending Happiness to Earth

Robin Williams Angel Sending Happiness to Earth
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Nice, but I would consider using another source for the clown nose. This one seems like it is placed on the side of the nose not the front

Funny YouTube Sent Me a Cat Christmas Card

YouTube Sent Me a Cat Christmas Card
On the first day of Christmas YouTube sent to me...
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Scientists proved that cat videos can be used to fight depression
Not only Cat Videos there are some other videos in YouTube can also fight depression
I am rather fond of sandbox-er cat videos myself Hahahahahahaah. Good job.

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