Barack Obama Self Potrait
Barack Obama Self Potrait
Barack Obama Self Potrait. Self portraits have become a global phenomenon
Member reactions:
As if he wasn't bad enough as it was now he is turning into a "Creepy Azz Cracker"
Excellent representation of the news link and Self portrait are becoming a new trend in the world and here Obama is starting it awesome job done
Congrads on the Woody, out of the box.
Great treatment/conversion. Wood for your effort
Congrats on the wood, Luna. Very artistic chop.

Funny Self Embalmed Salvador Dali

Self Embalmed Salvador Dali
Dali Performance Art
Member reactions:
So beautiful.... very well done superb job done on the globe and the Dali clay image looks like real
Amazing picture in background this is full of creativity and the Masters head with the Bottle supply is thrilling work
Full circle. Birth to Death, and the struggles we encounter fishing for tuna. It's a Strange one but I like it.
Artistic..... Hahahaha At least you didn't say, "Interesting" hahahahahah Interesting is what people say when they try to be polite but inside are saying WTF is this crappola all about hahahahah If you guys saw what crap doodiee computer I produced this on you would have awarded it a 12 Somewhere around the 4th revision the resolution went south and gone

Funny Joe Biden Self Inflation

Joe Biden Self Inflation
Biden: 'I'm Proud To Be President'
Member reactions:
In the Macy's parade. Could be a winning balloon.
So good, this is real one I like it.. very real
silvercanine congrats on the bronze..
His speeches are usually over inflated too. Congrats on the bronze, silvercanine.

Funny Andy Warhol Self Portrait

Andy Warhol Self Portrait

Funny Leanadro Da Vinci Self Portrait

Leanadro Da Vinci Self Portrait
Member reactions:
good job done on this chop, all the works were mixed together really like this Put the news link in English

Funny Whitney Houston Self Destructs

Whitney Houston Self Destructs

Funny Julian assange Self Censorship

Julian assange Self Censorship
this work the subject to "censor" what you see and the beginning of my cut, lacking all the elements that I censored Thank you.

Funny Charlie Sheen Self Destructs

Charlie Sheen Self Destructs
Charlie Sheen Tops List of 2011 Stories
Member reactions:
Awesome chop . . . love the corner perspective, and all the wonderful details
Congrats on the Bronze LunaC . . . Excellent work P.S. Congrats on being featured as well . . .
Great chop LunaC. I think we're awesome and he sucks though, .....Personally not my favorite actor...His brother Emilio has much more class...good satire though.

Funny Man Self Destructing

Man Self Destructing
Painting is a profession to be blind: one does not paint what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he saw. "Pablo Picasso"

Funny Kevorkian Self Administered Suicide

Kevorkian Self Administered Suicide
Assisted suicide advocate Kevorkian dies at age 83
Member reactions:
...well least he has a smile on his face. Nice wk
This is a man who loved his work
Nice Costume, nice expession, overall good job

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