Artist Self Portrait
Artist Self Portrait
Artist Self Portrait. Member reactions:
He looks like my brother-in-law but my brother-in-law's hand is different than his. Nice picture.
Pretty to look at. Interested to hear what it all means v
On display, two of my passions. Playing music and creating art. One reality spills over into the other, an intertwining, which binds them both as essential elements of myself. Or without solving the message it is as you say, pretty to look at.
Nice self portrait. Maybe soften the humpty dumpty pic. it seems to sharp compared to the rest.
Strange liek a dream. Jeremix comment is correct.
I did correct the sharpness. It doesn't seem to matter whether the chops are flawless or not, lately the outcome has been the same. Thank you for your votes and comments.
Congrats Tim. Great Image. Love the Talk to the Hand part. Does your white rose represent Spirit or Purity.
Exceptional, if you play music as good as your chops, then you must be darn good.CONGRATS..
Thank you Hobbit, Gummy SS Doc. The white rose is simply my favorite flower. It is used in several past chops. Hobbit, I play for my own amusement and camaraderie these days but at one time... Actually I am late for a jam right at this moment so gotta go. Thanks all
Beautiful job as always Hitspinner. Is that a self portrait.
Thanks Elegary, Bob and Robb. Yep Robb, that would be me. I work cheap as a model. Little chance of a lawsuit .

Funny Dali Self Portrait

Dali Self Portrait
Member reactions:
Nice Gaussian softening and texture removal as well as composition
Superior caricature. Great touch the clock on moustache.
cool painting look, pix. congrats on the goldy, mate.

Funny Young Van Gogh Experimenting With Future Self Portraits

Young Van Gogh Experimenting With Future Self Portraits
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats, AJS. Who is that in the foreground.
Thanks everyone. The man in the foreground is the guy who shows up if you type "van gogh look-alike" in google (free publicity for him)
The actor that played Vincent in Doctor Who is a dead ringer. If you ever get the chance to see the episode, treat yourself. It is a real tear jerker. Congrats on the cup, it is an excellent chop

Funny Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Wearing Glasses

Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Wearing Glasses

Funny Mona Lisa Self Portrait

Mona Lisa Self Portrait
Gioconda self portrait
Member reactions:
The hair on the left needs attention. Maybe a little blur.
High quality picture. Congrats, lucido5 .

Funny Barack Obama Noninates his Transgender Self

Barack Obama Noninates his Transgender Self
Click Here to see if the title is true
Member reactions:
Another great Obama metamorphosys. Impressive.
Thanks Hit, I live for "Yikes" and thanks all.

Funny Pablo Picasso Self Portrait

Pablo Picasso Self Portrait
Member reactions:
Awesome chop to see Picaso himself... great job done nice concept
Gold congrats, Funkmeister. Big surprise. .
Congrats all the way. Nice work as usual
Excellent work... Gold clearly from the start

Funny Barack Obama Hiding From a Self Guided Bullet

Barack Obama Hiding From a Self Guided Bullet
Sniper heaven: Pentagonís self-guided bullets leave enemies nowhere to hide
Member reactions:
Cool Looks like a flying snake too

Funny Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait
Member reactions:
I totally love this one. Starry night, sunflower plant and sunflower paint around his eye, gag gift (cut off ear) - talk about a bunch of van gogh references. Unresized view rocks.
Awesome PS of all time, his foot with shot and Crow-Cat acompanied very intrestingly. Beautifull tattoo of Sunflower as Newsy has mentioned and that too in Cool starry night...Ahh so crisp in detail I just love this
Great modernization of symbols. outstanding job.
Excellent job QMS, I love the style of chopping. Congrats on the cup
Phenomenal job, Qtrmoon. Congratulations with Silver
This is an amazing composition.. The background for me was my favorite the icing on the cake congratulations Qtrmoonshop .
Many thanks to all for your great words.

Funny Naked Self Portrait of Rembrandt

Naked Self Portrait of Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. The image size needs to be bigger though

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