Columbus would seek, still today, unknow
Columbus would seek, still today, unknow
Columbus would seek, still today, unknow. Member reactions:
Probably right Clauder, was in his blood, good one.
Yes, UncleChamp with courage and perseverance and few means. Merci beaucoup
Like the space theme spin on Columbus.. cool chop clauder13
Christopher Columbus had to be claustrophobic to want to find more and more space. Merci beaucoup Fugit

Funny Osama Bin Laden Hide and Seek Champion

Osama Bin Laden Hide and Seek Champion
Just in case anyone wonders.. the person's likeness on the medals is Jimmy Hoffa SOURCES
Member reactions:
Funny, but (in my humble opinion) the reddish pink external frame is unnecessary. You should leave more margins especially on the left and right side of the cover itself (purple/indigo main part). Then, make your title a bit smaller (and also some texts). I would not have used this font (you can keep it for your magazine title if you wish, but should change it at least for the texts). Ok, Arial, Arial Narrow, Arial Black or Helvetica (for instance) are not very original, but if you use them with different sizes, height, width (etc.), you can make those fonts less boring and even pleasant to read. Anyway, you should change the alignment of some paragraphs: instead of centered everywhere, they could be - more or less - aligned on the left or on the right depending on their respective placement on the cover. You can also play with the height of some main words too. Maybe should you change the color the light blue text: you could use for instance a color near the reddish pink of the external frame once you've removed it. Those are just a few humble suggestions, of course, but it's better to look at a few covers of real magazines to see how their texts are written (fonts, size) and placed usually.
A very good chop despite all the suggestions from Paul.
Thanks grumpy.. I am ALMOST used to Paul's scrutiny.
Hope you don't mind, Hidden Author. I'm probably more attentive on those details (fonts and text placement) than the majority of members here, but those were purely disinterested suggestions as I haven't submitted anything for this contest.
It's cool Paul... I was just picking at ya, I really do appreciate the time and input you put into your evaluation. I just have a little devil in me. P.S. I did change it up a bit
Finally. A hilarious... I was feeling weird about it too

Funny Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek
Box of bones found in Shed
Member reactions:
That's funny
Excellent concept and execution. Me likes a lot.
Congrats Deb Could also be postal service ad...
Bronze congratulations Deb. How many skeletons do you have in your closet.
.....I'll never tell, Newsy. Thanks everyone.

Funny China Seeking Soccer Glory

China Seeking Soccer Glory
China's play for World Cup glory
Member reactions:
China's play for World Cup glory

Funny Polar Bear Playing Hide and Seek with Penguins

Polar Bear Playing Hide and Seek with Penguins
SHHHH. He'll hear us..
Member reactions:
... Lovely penguins and the Polar Bear both friends
I'm thinking somebody had a long trip to play this game )

Funny Monet's Hide and Seek

Monet's Hide and Seek

Funny Mouse playing hide & seek

Mouse playing hide & seek
well.. its a mouse playing hide & seek in a cat
Member reactions:
Its a shame its too small to see any detail, any chance of finding a larger source.
I edited the size to meet minimum requirements. Please make sure the images are at least 300x400 pixels in dimensions in the future See more about size requirements here:
I'm glad the Rainman made this bigger but I wish it had been a bigger source as well, we could have seen detail and it would have been a way better entry...cause I really like it.

Funny Hide n Seek

Hide n Seek

Funny Hide & Seek Yanukovich

Hide & Seek Yanukovich
Ukraine's Victor Yanukovich is in big trouble. Weeks ago he was the country's most powerful man, days ago he was ousted by the Ukraine's parliament, and now he's the country's most wanted criminal after police issued a warrant for his arrest. Yanukovich is accused of mass murders of protesters during February 18 - 21. He fled Kiev on February 21 and tried to escape to Russia on his presidential plane on February 22, but was denied exit by the customs security. He did manage to get away in his armored car after his armed guards showed resistance to the airport security who attempted to capture Yanukovich. His own party ("Party of Regions" that helped him get elected 4 years ago) turned their backs on him in a public statement accusing him of lies, deception, murders, and abandoning his presidential duties. So did Moscow, saying that Yanukovich failed to unite Ukraine and betrayed it. It's a really tough time for Yanukovich... he has to run, he has to hide, but it ain't easy when almost everyone is after him... what's a man gotta do? Show creative ways to hide Yanukovich or help him plot a "brilliant" escape plan... perhaps he will see this contest and have one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments... P.S. Take a look at Yanukovich's luxury estate - he was last seen there. Ironically... he's got a yacht named Bandido.

Funny Hide & Seek Boy

Hide & Seek Boy
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop hide & seek image any way you wish. Some examples are - adding people animals or object to the scene; making a poster with this hiding boy, changing him for some other people, using this in hide & seek image in advertisements, putting the hiding kid into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Andy Stafiniak and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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