Iris Barcode Recognition Security
Iris Barcode Recognition Security
Iris Barcode Recognition Security. Member reactions:

Funny Security Guard Gender Swap

Security Guard Gender Swap
Member reactions:
Cool. She reminds me Freddie Mercury here

Funny Star Wars White House Security

Star Wars White House Security

Funny Knight Security Check

Knight Security Check

Funny Improved Plane Crash Security

Improved Plane Crash Security
Airplane crash-lands into Hudson River
Member reactions:
Good job, but I'd add some shadows from the life vest and life saver

Funny Social Security Ponzi Scheme

Social Security Ponzi Scheme
Member reactions:
I find this brilliant. "Pet dog gets a social security card" mad me .
I love this mock up because on this issue, Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme. I plan on e-mailing this to my Congressman and Senators. Thank you so much.

Funny Cyclops Policewoman Looking at Security Vision

Cyclops Policewoman Looking at Security Vision
Member reactions:
Quality concept but what's the red thing on the x-ray.
The gun that is the security breach. It's a blurry picture from total recall but i like the lowtech computer grafics. I was here 5 minutes before the time was up, so this had to be it.

Funny Bejing Olympic Security

Bejing Olympic Security
Olympic Security Sources
Member reactions:
Hmmm. be a very silly terrorist who tries to get through the security. The Chinese will search anyone remotely Arab looking
The "Holrywoooooooood" line seems familiar to me. Was that the opening line in the flik "1941".
Steve-yes, the japanese sailor on the submarine.
There has been a terror attack in China since I made that comment. Wonder what will happen to them.

Funny U.S. Homeless Security Seal

U.S. Homeless Security Seal
Member reactions:
Superb work. And good social commenting. Bless Reagan for mainstreaming those who should be cared for most than others and George Bush, the younger, for having his finger on the pulse of his nation and doing so much to improve our economy.

Funny Fred Thompson for Border Security

Fred Thompson for Border Security
Fred walks the talk on the border.
Member reactions:
Excellent work, but I would turn it into campaign poster by adding some text.

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