Security Holes at Sochi Olympics
Security Holes at Sochi Olympics
Security Holes at Sochi Olympics. Member reactions:
There is a thin line on the skaters leg ..easy fix

Funny Native American Security & Immigration

Native American Security & Immigration
Yes, Yes,,, GGGGGGrandfather had an immigration policy that was just as screwed up as we have today.
Member reactions:
Honestly, one of the smartest chops in the contest. Hats off.
tanks boss, Christopher Columbus's bunch was after all the 1st illegal immigrants. He didn't discover America, We discovered him, lost, hungry and 1/2 drunk.
Congrads on the top ten, great job and the work should have put this higher.

Funny Barack Obama the Sleeping Gallery Security Guard

Barack Obama the Sleeping Gallery Security Guard
Member reactions:
Great background, Obama's head could be attached more realistically though.
Our National Security Obama looks cute while sleeping

Funny Children Security

Children Security
Member reactions:
So nice chair very good lighting and fine shadows.
Like this Freaking News Security concept here, Wanna be kid again

Funny Little Security Vehicle Tank

Little Security Vehicle Tank
Source Images
Member reactions:
Top job. One thing I might do is imbed the lower track in the soft sand. On the tank source it is on concrete so it sits on top but this is a high quality masking job.
Great chop tinmon . . . impressive blending work

Funny Bernie Madoff Investment Securities

Bernie Madoff Investment Securities

Funny United Nations Security Council Clown

United Nations Security Council Clown
Member reactions:
Great work
Gold Congrats, Mr. S. Wonderful, as usual.
It's just freaking amazing what you did. LOVE the scarecrows in the background too. Hey, can this be an ad for Johnnie Walker... keep on walking. Hehehe
yeah that's Salis's awesome style ;D congrat
thanx Paul, Newsy: by the way( red ) is my favorite, cheers, thanx daJunior, Krrish Benzi: you can take it for free, but gotta tell u, it's full of Viruses, and my antivirus Expired for a while now thanx DD, and all of you guys for votes and Comments,
Brilliant chop, I like it a lot Congrats on the gold.

Funny Alien Space Station Security

Alien Space Station Security
R2 Robot Space man R2 Background Sources
Member reactions:
Quality composition. Might wanna blend NASA & GM logos better though - they feel levitating on a white square
that's was great work crusader .. keep going

Funny Barack Obama TSA Security

Barack Obama TSA Security
Source news: TSA Security Staff singled her out for her br........

Funny Conan O'Brien's Security Job

Conan O'Brien's Security Job
While on his lunch break, Conan tries to make an extra couple bucks. = --> sources
Member reactions:
Totally love the composition - NBC building setting, Conan as cop, and Leno driving by. The tips bottle is a cherry on top.
Can I have the tip jar. taxes you know. nice
The tips were pure SILVER coins. Congrats on the silver, Matt. Your first silver, woo hoo.
nice one MatthewLynn congrats on the silver and keep up top works

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