Donald Trump's Secret Meetings
Donald Trump's Secret Meetings
Donald Trump's Secret Meetings. Member reactions:
Love that President, good one, Congrats...
Lol, Great heights selfie congrats. Slip n Fall nice touch.

Funny Victoria Has Spilled Her Secret

Victoria Has Spilled Her Secret
Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes
Member reactions:
Uh..oh these are Freaks. I like the chest hair. (:
Top5congrats, Gummy. I like the one with the beard and brest hair.

Funny Russian top secret or skeleton in his closet

Russian top secret or skeleton in his closet

Funny Secret Space Program Drone

Secret Space Program Drone
Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit. Had to look it up FrogGod1 not being a gamer myself 😎👍🏼
Thanks Wanderer Bob and Hobbit. Chuffed. That's my wife as an Astronaut discovering ET. Hehe
Tell your wife, she makes a darn good Astronaut.
Lol thanks hobbit. I was three hours into a different image with the same title. I save as I go along so if a file is so bloated it crashes Photoshop I can retrieve the last saved version. I came back to it the next day and every version was gone from the computer. Not that I got paranoid or anything This was a better variation anyway.
Congrats on the Gold, great lights color scheme.
Nice work, PS. Very "spacey" looking (in a good way).

Funny Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Funny Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed

Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed

Funny Secret Map Of Atlantis

Secret Map Of Atlantis
Member reactions:
Great job and congrats on that silver cup. Your work is always top notch.

Funny Kremlin's SECRET

Kremlin's SECRET

Funny Secret Pi Room

Secret Pi Room
Member reactions:
Thanks. This was fun, good subject. Some real clever submissions. I have been in trouble with the mods lately putting in a story on the News thread that was a story from last February, then using some copyrighted images like a dork. Felt kinda good getting one right.
Nice work I love the creativity and Clean approach . congrats...

Funny Santa's Secret

Santa's Secret

Funny Celebrity Secrets

Celebrity Secrets
What hidden secret any celebrity and politician may have? Create images showing us those hidden secrets.

Funny Book Secrets

Book Secrets
What hidden secrets could we find in old books? Create images of how books can be used to hide things or be modified in some way to serve a different purpose, or images of books being used in any unique, unconventional manner.

Funny Michael Jackson Secrets

Michael Jackson Secrets
What does Jacko have to hide? Show what weird things are hidden at his Neverland Ranch.

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