Sears cat
Sears cat
Sears cat. King kitty.
Member reactions:
There needs to be a bit of darker shadow under the kitty next to the building

Funny K mart Sears

K mart Sears
They will be promoting their new K-raftsman tool line on the show.

Funny Sears Tower

Sears Tower
Before going home each night it was Bob's duty to set the alarm and lock the Club on Sears Tower.
Member reactions:
Well look at it this way, no one could steal Sear Tower. Cool, Bob is really think smart on this one.


I love the Evil Dead trilogy.
Member reactions:
It's time for a new font & (in my humble opinion) the logo is a bit oversaturated compared to the building.

Funny Sears Tower Tuct Taped

Sears Tower Tuct Taped
Sears in Chicago is prepared for the worst. Please "view full".

Funny Surf's Up at the Sears Towers

Surf's Up at the Sears Towers
Lake Michigan. The new Surfer's Paradise..

Funny Van Gough Starry Might Painted Onto the Sears Tower

Van Gough Starry Might Painted Onto the Sears Tower
This doesn't look as good during the day.
Member reactions:
The painting is perfectly appropriate for night.

Funny Alien Ship Over the Sears Tower

Alien Ship Over the Sears Tower
This UFO was seen by hundreds of people as it flew past the Sears building.
Member reactions:
Of course, those people were aliens, waiting for their pickup.
But nobody noticed because they were too busy photographing the quaint homeless alcoholic schizophrenic pleasuring himself in his sleep on a bench in Lincoln Park.
Nice work on the green reflective shadow in the river.........


KRS-ONE applies the Temple of Hiphop philosophy to unite the merger. Or something like that.
Member reactions:
I don't get it, but I like it. Clean work.
A for effort, but would scare me away from shopping there, the man is quite scary.


New Store Sign
Member reactions:
Try reducing the saturation on the billboard and give it a little Blur to blend into the background more. It's 'flying' now.

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