Searching. Member reactions:
Funny, looks like a chimp with two bodies

Funny Big Island Star Search

Big Island Star Search
Telescope Hawaii soon to get a new telescope
Member reactions:
Tried a new version of an old LIFE magazine style. Guess not. Thanks Gummy, Luciano, NM, eric, and Balodiya

Funny Google Spaceship Search Engine

Google Spaceship Search Engine
Member reactions:
Nice placing of the Magnifier on top looks great
Great job of making he shuttle searches all our queries in that Blue Hole of Binary

Funny NyetScape - New Russian Search Site

NyetScape - New Russian Search Site
Member reactions:
Lovely web design.... well done
Great to see the plane coming so down searching ...... excellent work on the man with a guitar up above the plane
This is Great Toms Guitars were found Check this out Story from Fox News
Great work...I like the concept, well done.
Ahh, Tom Petty & the heartbreakers. Used to listen them a lot in my college days. Great chop.

Funny Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art

Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art
I started with the girl figure and the pic started to evolve and somehow a grown up version of Eddie Munster also materialized, a hairstyle resemblance anyway.
Member reactions:
Welcome to cartoon Hell-eh. Nice work B.R. .
If anyone tells you this isn't the absolute t.ts, they're 100% wrong. Nice job.
Its too Beautiful Alice in wonderland is truly a great fairy tale i like it

Funny Search Operation

Search Operation
Member reactions:
OUCH, Very nice. You should post on They could use some talent on that site
Very well done with this craft, Looks like some UFO Attack
all Thanks a lot gary21629 I have an account here, maybe i will post some works there

Funny Search Engines

Search Engines
Kevin Federline has launched his own search engine - "Search with Kevin" - which offers prizes to people who use it. Britney Spears tried the search engine and won a T-Shirt saying "Divorce with K-Fed cost me 19 million, and all I got was this T-shirt." In this contest you are asked to create new search engines from celebrities and politicians, similar to how K-Fed launched his, or mimicking the big players like Google and Yahoo. Try to give it a special name and theme / feel from the person who launched the search engine.

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