Google Spaceship Search Engine
Google Spaceship Search Engine
Google Spaceship Search Engine. Member reactions:
Nice placing of the Magnifier on top looks great
Great job of making he shuttle searches all our queries in that Blue Hole of Binary

Funny NyetScape - New Russian Search Site

NyetScape - New Russian Search Site
Member reactions:
Lovely web design.... well done
Great to see the plane coming so down searching ...... excellent work on the man with a guitar up above the plane
This is Great Toms Guitars were found Check this out Story from Fox News
Great work...I like the concept, well done.
Ahh, Tom Petty & the heartbreakers. Used to listen them a lot in my college days. Great chop.

Funny Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art

Eddie Munster Searching for a Girl Digital Art
I started with the girl figure and the pic started to evolve and somehow a grown up version of Eddie Munster also materialized, a hairstyle resemblance anyway.
Member reactions:
Welcome to cartoon Hell-eh. Nice work B.R. .
If anyone tells you this isn't the absolute t.ts, they're 100% wrong. Nice job.
Its too Beautiful Alice in wonderland is truly a great fairy tale i like it

Funny Search Operation

Search Operation
Member reactions:
OUCH, Very nice. You should post on They could use some talent on that site
Very well done with this craft, Looks like some UFO Attack
all Thanks a lot gary21629 I have an account here, maybe i will post some works there

Funny Star Trek the Search For Spock

Star Trek the Search For Spock
source original pic I did but was never happy well where do I start. I originally started and finished what I thought was a final pic.But then it never really felt completed,I guess I'm a man that doesnt like subtly. I like bold bursting ,explosive color.There is also a description in the source as well that points out what the picture I did originally,sort of a step by step process. I would like to thank "Modellers, Miniatures,and Magic" for the wonderful source pics.
Member reactions:
thanks kellie......I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my gut that if I didnt get a comment soon I thought maybe of retracting it.
if you're happy with it that is all that counts. you will never please everyone. just keep it up.

Funny Indian Holy Man Searches Moon Site

Indian Holy Man Searches Moon Site
Member reactions:
Another reason why the Onion is the best news source there is
jhonx , that was great work , keep going friend

Funny Search Engines

Search Engines
Kevin Federline has launched his own search engine - "Search with Kevin" - which offers prizes to people who use it. Britney Spears tried the search engine and won a T-Shirt saying "Divorce with K-Fed cost me 19 million, and all I got was this T-shirt." In this contest you are asked to create new search engines from celebrities and politicians, similar to how K-Fed launched his, or mimicking the big players like Google and Yahoo. Try to give it a special name and theme / feel from the person who launched the search engine.

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