Neckless Seahorse
Neckless Seahorse
Neckless Seahorse.

Funny Seahorse with Two Heads

Seahorse with Two Heads
Member reactions:
The beauty of nature and the water world.... Great job done in putting together the Water Horse in yellow color

Funny Green and Pink Seahorses

Green and Pink Seahorses
Member reactions:
Looks real - one of my faves in the contest

Funny Seahorse Camel

Seahorse Camel
Member reactions:
Wish the seahorse source was of higher resolution, but great work nonetheless.

Funny Fantasy Seahorse made from Water

Fantasy Seahorse made from Water
it's need to full view sources with details some tips about water hourse
Member reactions:
A very beautiful and impressive work... as usual, I must add, as I recognized your style, mate.
the Seahorse looks like an Ice Sculpture, or maybe that's just my eye ...
Ahhhh kratos my grasshopper. You have become the watermaster. Great work as always
Water chop. (what a chop) Great water technique. Love the glow here
Just when I thought you had done the best water effects in Rembrandt you do an even better one here ... congrats.
Another great pic and congrats on the win.
thanx for all friends , glad all you like it , it's just was spend 2 hours to done this one hope every one try same this style for me I think it's the last one thanx for great comments
Congrats on another beautiful image Kratos...

Funny Yoda Seahorse

Yoda Seahorse

Funny Snail and Seahorse Hybrids

Snail and Seahorse Hybrids

Funny Seahorse Woman

Seahorse Woman
I had started this one for the evolution contest, but I got carried away and took too long. I couldn't locate all the sources I used for this (seahorse tail and some of the fish), but the big ones are here. I got the painted effect by merging a copy of all the layers and playing with the liquify filter. Then I gave that layer a "hard light" style.
Member reactions:
very nicely done
Bronze for Iggy - great to see you on the trophy podium again - congratulations.
Thanks, everyone. Nannygoatman, it's actually a whale shark. In the wild they get much bigger than it is shown here.
I like Whale Sharks. Gentle giants.

Funny Boy Riding on a Seahorse

Boy Riding on a Seahorse
Member reactions:
Congratulations, Groundzero very nice job

Funny Saxophone Seahorse

Saxophone Seahorse

Funny Seahorses

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has published a report that claims seahorses are becoming an endangered species, and calls for action to save these fragile species. Seahorses are sensitive to environment change and need clean sea waters to breed. Besides many predators that eat seahorse eggs and drop the species' survival rate, human activities such as fishing practices, water leisure activities and pollution pose a direct threat to seahorses and their water habitats. WWF claims more strict regulation is needed to prevent harmful human impact in the seahorse habitat areas. Photoshop seahorses any way you wish. E.g. merge seahorses with other animals, show how they could live life outside of water, or even doing human activities, include them in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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