Keith Richards With a Seagull
Keith Richards With a Seagull
Keith Richards With a Seagull. I love Kruger's work

Funny Boat on the Sea with a Seagull

Boat on the Sea with a Seagull
10 minutes of work using only my mouse and a computer that is about to explode. I used some brushes and dedication. Please see full size and SOURCES
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Sorry, there were 10 minutes of work, were only 5.
Great concept .. bird is a little blurry - but 10 minutes .. .
Brilliant work. I just wish it looked more like painting rather than photo
This post is not the work that went into this post. It is really shameful. Although not surprised, since most of my works are released to places not stellar. But keep trying.

Funny Eagle Face Paint on Seagull

Eagle Face Paint on Seagull

Funny Steven Seagal as a Seagull

Steven Seagal as a Seagull
Please full view Sources
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Great play on words and a might fine chop.
Another entry, another gold. This guy is amazing. Congrats Xaos.
Congrats two in a row, someone knock this bird off his perch, go seagulls.
, HH, well, this one had trophy destiny all over it. Was just too funny. Congrads on the Gold Xaos. What's the name about. Is that pronounced like Zouse. Forgive my dumbness
Congrats on gold, X. You're the newest 'big gun' of FN with all those trophies you are accumulating... Good work.
I didn't think it was gonna make the top 5... at one time it ranked 8th, and there was some pretty tough competition in this contest. Thanks again everyone for voting this gold...
oh man ... you totally rocking ... congrats on well deserved gold my friend keep up top chops where are you on gmail ...
WTG Xaos... Congrats on ANOTHER gold... This one really cracked me up..

Funny Seagull at Ground Zero

Seagull at Ground Zero
"I watched the sky as the sea birds flew high, circling like vultures. Yet they did not land in that place of death as if they knew something we did not."
Member reactions:
Not the same bird, unless you've got a program that turns 2D into 3D ... where can I get the software.
The same bird is there, just not the focus of the chop. I had a little more important focus in mind. Since you pointed out you couldn't see the source I made it a bit more evident through the haze. I expect there are such programs but it is probably cheaper just to find the right bird source or illustrate your own. Birds are fun to create from scratch and fairly easy. Thanks for the heads up
This is very thought provoking, interesting (and deep)emotions. Thank you.
And thank you for not turning away. It is a hard subject to confront not just for Americans but all of us. It is not a chop to be applauded, but it is a chop to be respected, IMO. Since there was no contest in rememberance of 911, I decided to force the point, and fit at least one voice in this contest that speaks for the fallen. Sorry if it might offends some, but my head came out of the sand on Sept 11, 2001.
Okay, I am one of those that yesterday when I first saw this, I thought the source photo was not being used and I 'walked' away from it without looking at it too deeply. Today being 911.... now I realize what this picture is all about. I did not add 2 plus 2 to get 911, hidden. On TV right now they are discussing 35 years ago today in Charlotte there was an Eastern plane crash that killed 79 people. In those days, accidents were accidents. Thank you for making this memorial to those who were innocently killed today.
That is a beautiful word, Arno. Thanks, I will never loose it. Doxi, you astound me; you made an excellent point and I can't believe I made a composition that did not reflect the 911 connection totally evident. However there is a reason, and that is the overwhelming nature of the pile, that apparently still affects me to this day. I'll quote from something I wrote back in 2001 that pretty much sums up how I view Ground Zero and probably why this composition was so condensed. Maybe myopic is a better word. -The Pile- "We were simply machines, unrelenting automatons that pushed on and on until our biological sensors indicated some imminent internal failure. We kept our personal universes simple and small. To try and absorb the entirety of the devastation would have brought us to our knees. Others unable to maintain this internal failsafe and who did manage to take it all in, subsequently had to leave. They didnít see anything but the depths of their own limitations, their uselessness and the desperation within their own minds. Those of us that stayed to help were able to focus in the present. You imposed self-limiting parameters to your personal universe like one puts blinders on a horse. Otherwise you were gone, really gone. That is how we survived Ground Zero." Interesting, huh.
Hidden: Interesting. Yes. Who wrote it.. Yes, as obvious as it is to you what this composition is all about, it wasn't to me. And by using another gull as your focal point, not one that is in the source photo, it muddied the waters. Full view is a must....a step I also have to admit I did not take yesterday.
I wrote it. It is from a semi fictionalized account of my experience as a volunteer firefighter at the World Trade Center. That aside, thanks for the comments and some very good points made. Next one I will be a little more clear
Thoughtful chop. I just wish it used the seagull from the source in the central composition, since this is the "source" contest.
True Vlad. But it did not fit compositionally. I had started this chop in expectation that you would have a 911 Memorial contest. When it was evident that wasn't going to happen I switched to plan B and worked the segull suggestion into the chop. It wasn't meant as a spoiler, you know that. But it was meant as a reminder, I'n pretty passionate about this date in history. Anyway, it's all good. I got a chance to scream Thanks. And thanks for the comments and votes. It did better than I expected so maybe we haven't forgotten
Powerful from a man of few words on this day of remembrance. Freedom is not Free. Let's Roll
Brought tears to my eyes, this one and it's comments did. I remember waking up one Sunday morning, turning on the news channel, seeing the second plane hit ... my fingers won't type anymore.........
Yep. I hear you. Tomorrow I chop happy things.
hitSpinner ... I really surprised about this one ... it's must get high score ,really great work , keep up top chops teacher
Great work Hit... Really touching piece...
Very powerful chop.Very moving. We must never forget 9/11, I know I won't. Someone I knew from making deliveries to was on FLT 93...The plane filled with heros who fought back, saving countless others. Lets roll.

Funny Seagull Dog On a Branch

Seagull Dog On a Branch
Member reactions:
WHAT THE... Hahhahaahahahaha Very playful1.

Funny Seagulls in the Bottle

Seagulls in the Bottle
Member reactions:
Clever concept and excellent compression work
One of the best works in the show for sure. I love how you proficiently showed the distortion of the seagull through the bottle and water. Top job
Bronze for Ninha. Congratulations and great to see you back.
Great work Ninha. Congrats on your bronze...
fantastic work congrats on the bronze ninha glad to see you back too , and keep up great works

Funny Seagull Pelican

Seagull Pelican

Funny Seagull Out of Bounds

Seagull Out of Bounds

Funny Seagull Bombing Run in Paradise

Seagull Bombing Run in Paradise
Member reactions:
Excellent. Would make a great tourism poster
Indeed it would make a great poster. The depth in this is great. It's almost 3-d
I like this one nice work hohouse , keep going mate

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