Screwed Up On Socialism
Screwed Up On Socialism
Screwed Up On Socialism . Better in Original View.
Member reactions:
Fantastic job and lampooning, Hobbit. Congrats on the Gold. Just wish more members would take a few minutes to help vote the contest.
Congrats on Gold Hobbit. Politicians don't know whether they are coming or going.
Thanks to each of you, I too wish people would vote..
Wonder if the move from 4pm to 8am makes a difference in availability to vote
Well your 4pm is my 6am, and I don't vote if not up at 6am, I vote in the last hour, because at 20 karma,my vote carry almost no value to me, big karma picks the winner,11 karma person called this piece a 6, go figure lose karma. Your 8am puts me at 4pm or 7pm eastern std time, much better for me.
HH, I was referring to when it closed at My 4pm (Central std time) your 6pm. My 8am is your 6am and sounds like you are in favor of going back to your 6pm.
Voting numbers definitely needs improving and especially more that haven't a vested interest in the comps. With the wonders of Social Networking etc is there not a way to share the moment voting starts through social media. At least a post on the FB page with a 'Voting has started banner' and a way visitors to the FB page to cast a vote.
179,000 people 'Like' the Freakingnews Facebook Page and the last post from FN was Nov 2017.
Congrats on the Win, Hobbit. Love the Kangaroo Girl. I thought she was a Jackass at first glance.

Funny Don't screw up your life! Find yourself in time!

Don't screw up your life! Find yourself in time!

Funny Screwed


Funny Screwing a Skull

Screwing a Skull
Member reactions:
Ha ha this is a good example of being screwed very funny
Great work AWESOME69 … a lot of top notch entries in the FreakShow ... Your full-view image is much too large though … I'm using a 27" screen, and your full-view image is bigger than my screen . . . 16" to 17' max height at 72 dpi is most compatible with average viewing … If you're using Photoshop, save for Web & Devices and click on the top right arrow within the circle and scroll to "optimize for file size" … set that at 350k .

Funny Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw Tattoo

Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw Tattoo

Funny Woodpecker Screw

Woodpecker Screw
They see greater

Funny Angelina Jolie Wearing Screw-On Glasses

Angelina Jolie Wearing Screw-On Glasses
Now introducing, Bad Idea™ Screw-On Glasses® (Suitable ONLY for people with bridge piercing.) Please View In Full
Member reactions:
Nice thinking, (You KNOW they would sell.)
she needed to see to get thru the NA-SAL Passage
I think I've actually seen these (no kiddin'). Nice chop. EDIT...I knew they made 'em Still an excellent chop.
You know, they actually look really nice, .
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. Damn. I checked out the website. This is a cra..zy... world. Anyways, I didn't know that before the chop.

Funny Screw Head

Screw Head
Screwed Head

Funny Screw It

Screw It
I brought the wrong dang screwdriver...

Funny screw driver

screw driver
Member reactions:
But I can use it for jamming into sockets right.

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