The scream
The scream
The scream.

Funny scream


Funny Scream

Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant chop, Frea-sCream Creaky and fancy chop


Member reactions:
Excellent work - he does look fitting for the Munch painting indeed, especially after you did a fine job stretching his mouth, jaw and a chin.
Me thinks you are having way too much fun with contrast controls and filters these days hahahaah. Very cool EFXs my friend.
Me thinks you are having way too much fun with contrast controls and filters these days hahahaah. Very cool EFXs my friend.

Funny Elvira's Scream

Elvira's Scream
Member reactions:
Well balanced... her scream and the ancient painting were perfectly matching good one

Funny The Demon of Screaming

The Demon of Screaming
This guy is most definitely a freakshow, and I love his music.
Member reactions:
Really looks like a Demon great caricature and freaky facial expressions good job done
you've captured his expression and emotion well.
Thanks. My other two got 5th and 6th place. Lol I should have done three more
Congratulations on 3 nice entries cfc7980.
Wonderful work, though the image could be bigger. Try submitting images at least 750 pixels wide. Congrats on the wood, cfc.

Funny The Scream

The Scream
Member reactions:
Awesome... Heard of Multi personality disorder... Now I can see it in this chop great chop in desigining the devil with multiple faces and the Moon is in most terrible look tonight well done
Awesome work of shadows and light effects

Funny The Scream

The Scream
The Scream
Member reactions:
Well done nice turn of the art work into Abstract

Funny Go ahead, Scream

Go ahead, Scream
Member reactions:
10/10 Most brilliant thing I've ever seen on this site. Just.....beautiful.
I agree, 10/10. This is a masterpiece. All I can say is .....
Excellent ... Multiple faces and a Gun really makes a remarkable chop lovely design and nice work done
I hope this wins. I don't know the poster, but if you did the negative space with the face and gun, bravo..
Congrats on the silver pegleg.This chop is awesome,extremely creative

Funny Screaming without clothes!

Screaming without clothes!
Member reactions:
This is very freaky now got some emotions in this pic
Hey. It's the other half of the Dynamic Duo.
Hilarious. and nice to see you again, Rich.

Funny The Scream Painting

The Scream Painting
Photoshop what will become of The Scream painting after it was stolen. Who will buy it from the robbers and who were the robbers? Make any image using the "The Scream" painting.

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