Putin congratulates all scouts involved in presidential election
Putin congratulates all scouts involved in presidential election
Putin congratulates all scouts involved in presidential election. Member reactions:
Ha.. I love the red-nosed Past-Pres'dent and the red-cheeked Pres'a'Lect. And Hill seems to being enjoying hu'self
Should Putin be happy if he has Monica's cigar from Billy.
Colonel Trump for the successful fulfillment of tasks assigned to an extraordinary title. Major Clinton reprimand.

Funny Drunk Smokey The Bear Holding a Gun on a Boy Scout

Drunk Smokey The Bear Holding a Gun on a Boy Scout
Looks like this bear needs to retire
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty and Joan He's a Boy Scout,Smokey has finally snapped .
Hahaha, Reall funny expression on the kid's face.

Funny Tom Hanks Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Tom Hanks Selling Girl Scout Cookies
Cool guy Tom Hanks helps sell Girl Scout cookies
Member reactions:
Brilliant colors, depth, and caricature. One Nicely Constructed Image, with a refreshing attention to detail.
I'll take two boxes of Samoas
Just to darn adorable, fantastic chop, congrats on the win.

Funny Kim Jong Un the Boy Scout

Kim Jong Un the Boy Scout

Funny Gay Boy Scout

Gay Boy Scout
Boy Scouts Approve Plan To Accept Openly Gay Members
Member reactions:
Like the Logos and tattoos with Pink uniform for accepting Gay Members Nice job done in showing this

Funny Elton John and Michael Moore Boy Scouts

Elton John and Michael Moore Boy Scouts
Gay Ban

Funny Paula Deen Girl Scout Cookies

Paula Deen Girl Scout Cookies
Full View PLEASE Girl Scouts Introduce New "Savannah Smiles" Cookie
Member reactions:
Holy Cow , did i say cow . I used to watch Paula on the tube when i lived in the states. Down home cook'in with all the best fat free lard in the recipes , Hahaha ... Very well done hidden , i likey alot ....
This is so very well done, but what does Paula Deen have to do with the story link.
When I saw the headline about a new Girl Scout cookie called "Savannah Smiles", I thought it might be funny to make one of Savannah, Georgia's most famous residents the spokesperson. Paula Deen owns and runs the restaurant "Lady & Sons" in Savannah, and has resided there since the 80's, having been born in Albany, Georgia. She also has a book out titled "Savanna Style".
Now that I see her sort of dressed like a Girl Scout, I take back my comment. It's a fine chop, for sure. You have to understand there are a lot of members who have no clue who she is. I love watching her to see how many pounds of butter she'll put in a recipe.
With all due respect, she's not dressed "sort of" like a girl scout, the body used was that of a young Girl Scout in her Girl Scout uniform at a Girl Scout event. I even added some badges to her uniform.
Did i forget to mention that i love this Paula Dean Concept .. Who else has the power to make fantastic Lard-semifree (yea-right) GirlScout Cookies .... Nice handbag by the way..
Thanks Chili, TY pree-me, thanks pcrdds & PSM, and thanks again Chili ain't she got one of the purtiest "Savannah Smiles"
Gosh. She's gross but, depicted hilariously.
omg that cat is staring at me make it stop......
your a robin,, the kittys hungry.
Awesome job. Paula is looking as crazy as ever.
, even her bag is from unsalted butter wrapper. Whadda lady.
Congrats on the silver gtrmoonshop . again i say , i loved this one ...
"Yallll " so funny... congrats on the silver qtmoon..... yallll
Congratulations. My "gross" comment was meant to refer to her, insidiously, messy kisser(face). Great effect & hilarious.
Y'all are just too kind ... Thank y'all ever so much for your votes and nice comments. Goodness sakes, I'm just feelin' all buttered up
Congrats on the silver, Bill. Can I call you "Silver Bill".

Funny Barack Obama Buying Girl Scout Cookies

Barack Obama Buying Girl Scout Cookies
Had to completely revise it to be safe for work. Blah...
Member reactions:
good job. I thought the pres. quit, or was it quite.
This is good but really liked the last one
Thanks tooadly. gary, you and me both. Well at least you got to see it. 8 year old girls can sell cigaretts just not turn tricks.
Nicely done . . . though, I would imagine, that 8 year old girls are rarely, if ever, that well endowed . . .
qtrmoonshop........ they are on FN.
Lovely But, like gary, I also miss the old one, as well.
thanks jh1365. Petition FN to re-enter it.
I want the Cookies.

Funny Father and Son Scouting

Father and Son Scouting
Member reactions:
Egads. Nest of vipers. I say old chap. A roadside bomb.
Most excellent entry....full view is so clean, and like Newsy said....looks real.
Yep, pretty much flawless work. Definately a money chop. Congrads on the 3 spot, MoD
Great work mod ... congrats on the bronze keep going

Funny Water Scout Birds in Desert

Water Scout Birds in Desert
The General Demands that the Scouts go out and Find water.
Member reactions:
Shadows need to be stronger and less fuzzy. Otherwise great work, especially with the armor.

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