Caravaggio In Sci Fi Vision
Caravaggio In Sci Fi Vision
Caravaggio In Sci Fi Vision. Member reactions:
Hahahaha This is hilarious. Great piece Hidden.
Congrats on your win, he is a cutie, his chest is a laugh.
Great job as always, Hits. A close race,congrats on the Woody.

Funny George Bush in a New Sci-fi Thriller

George Bush in a New Sci-fi Thriller
About 3 weeks ago,when the movie "prometheus" came out, I had said to my son that I am going to see it. In which he replied ... etheus, which I thought kinda funny, and it gave me the idea to create something along the lines just like a ... parody. I hope you guys like it, most of the work was drawn/ vectored. Altho I dont like to say how long it took to do this pic, most of the smaller pieces were themselves their own pics which I created and then merged all of this into this. comments would be greatly appreciated .
Member reactions:
How was the movie . wanted to go see it but never got time
This Fabulous and the like the idea behind your title great job in the chop .... excellent laser beams used and the face of the person is molded so beautifully great one
thanks everyone and gary the movie was awesome
A Very Nice Work. *~}{~* Congratulations on the Silver.
robinbobin great job ,,I love the Dimensions... congrats on the silver
Wild photoshopping. Congrats on the silver, RB.
Hey crazy man . Too happy to see you back . Congrats .

Funny Steampunk Sci Fi Under the Sea

Steampunk Sci Fi Under the Sea
"A Victorian Age Sea Monster Horror Story."

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