Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger's official portrait is hung after being touched up to hide ex-wife Maria Shriver's face
Member reactions:
Nice but some exxessive caricatures could produce big eadaches.
This is so good, I wish Arnie could see it, he would have loved it.
Cute. Almost a step too far but magic. Congrats..
Thanks all. Yeah Tim, I was pushing the envelope on this one...There's a fine line between a good caricature and a total flop...I guess I managed to pull it off but just barely. But if I don't push the limits I won't know how far I can take the next one.

Funny Schwarzenegger Enjoys Endless Pasta

Schwarzenegger  Enjoys Endless Pasta
Olive Garden announces endless pasta, salad and breadstick special SOURCE
Member reactions:
He reminds me Denny DeVito here, probably due to his hair style and Italian food Nice job, Hidden. I liked "Never ending pasta bowl is back. With endless breadsticks and salad."
Great job, especially on the face and the food in, and around the mouth Great job on the bib splatter also
Congrats again this was my favorite of the 4
Thanks, its420, G-Man, Billy Mac and Newsy.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Member reactions:
Cigar looks like is leaning out of the mouth
Pretty funny Wanderer. Yeah you might have cropped a little cigar revealing teeth clenching the cigar but it still is really funny the way it is

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides A Toy Horse in Toy Store

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides A Toy Horse in Toy Store
Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a toy horse.
Member reactions:
Cool one. Reminded me one trivia piece. When Arnold was playing the terminator in the famous first "Terminator" movie, he confessed that due to extremely low budget he often had to use toy guns. Seems all these years after he's still into toys
Ahh heart touching cutie faces with splendid toys. so clean and professional work with shadows. genius use of Cigar and Hats. I just love this one
Bronze for Paul too - woot. Part of the winnings go to the sly and the terminator
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Newsy. No, they have enough cash.

Funny Skinny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Skinny Arnold Schwarzenegger
Member reactions:
He looks like this in these days.... its realistic chop
Excellent job on the body. Slimming his neck and face would make this even better

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Text Book

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Text Book

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Birthday Party

Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Birthday Party
Member reactions:
Freaking VERY FUNNY EXPRESSION Many many returns of the day arnold
By growing age.... Man become kid again to see his tongue coming out to suck that candy

Funny Woman Chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Truck

Woman Chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Truck
Member reactions:
Even My hero too... he is too strong to drag

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Woman with his Baby

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Woman with his Baby
Please view full image
Member reactions:
Gorgeous.. But the baby's foot is in the wrong position, I guess you should see the back, the nails... Beautiful work anyway.
Thank you, Ariel. Look at the enlarged picture to see there is nothing wrong with the position of the feet or take a look to source image by pressing on the following link: Baby image
It was his right foot. My mistake, you know, I tried the position myself, and since I believe it was his left foot..... Sources are sometimes capital. Thanks and my apologies.
Father is an Iron Man, Mother is Muscle Women and child also too born with Muscles
This is called an elementary chop.. great detail and lots of work.. Good luck
Nice Outfit Looks very great Good creative concept
Clever concept, nicely chopped. Congrats on the silver, gugu. You'll be baaaaack.
Thank you,pcrdds. Thank you,Ariel9. Thank you,NewsMaster ... ... Thank you,geriatric.

Funny Retired Govener Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Dogs

Retired Govener Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Dogs
Member reactions:
Congratulations for your Silver Cup Wanderer. The dogs are a very nice touch
I reached what I wanted. I am in 100 club. (Overall Rank: 100)
That's prolly not so far from the truth, . Silver congrats, Wanderer.

Funny Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Children

Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Children
Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly admitted fathering a child with the long-time housemaid of his family. Schwarzenegger's illegitimate son is now 14, and was born two weeks after Schwarzenegger's son Christopher, which means that over 14 years ago both Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver and the housemaid who lived with them, were pregnant with his children. Maria Shriver eventually confronted the maid, when she realized that the maid's son looked similar to Arnold. The maid was let go, Arnold made a $65,000 down-payment on her house, and she has been silent about the real father of her child for years. Let's recall that in the midst of the 2003 California governor campaign, several women came out with the claims that Arnold grouped them, and some claimed that he's the father of their children. Back then Arnold denied all accusations. Could we soon hear about more Arnold's secret kids? Take any female celebrity and photoshop her possible "love child" with Arnold.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 60th birthday today. It is somewhat strange to realize he is 60 already - just yesterday we have seen him in Terminator movies. Years ago Arnold had quit his acting career and moved into politics - he has been a Governor of California since 2003. "Terminator 4" is expected to hit the theaters in the summer of 2009. Ironically for many fans, "Terminator 4" will go on without Arnold. To mark the 60th birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger, let's photoshop him in various ways. Examples may include placing Schwarzenegger into any movies, designing new sequel for him, Arnold's endorsed merchandise; or immortalize him in paintings or statues.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements
Photoshop an advertisement with Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement or create a new product that uses Arnold Schwarzenegger as the spokesperson.

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