Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kiss
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kiss
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kiss. Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Great job on applying the well
Agree superb realism and love the background. Nicely done Splats.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
He barely had one to begin with.
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He should change his name to Arnold Shortendnekker.

Funny Arnoldita Schwarzenegger

Arnoldita Schwarzenegger
Eat your heart out, Caitlyn.
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, a stunning Arnoldita. Great job looking totally real..
It's not really an elderly woman's body...
Yes it really could be an elderly woman's body, like these elderly women body builders: Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia - 50 Nancy Lewis - 55 Juliette Bergmann - 57 Betty Pariso - 60 Ernestine Shepherd - 80 Edith Connor - 81
Thanks, Reggie. Those are great examples of some beautiful older women. (: Thanks for your input Denlig. I couldn't find the sources name. So I was unable to pin an age to her body. But I think the concept that Arnold would showcase himself as a fit sculpted female is pretty cool. (:
Awesome work Splatshot. Not available to vote but this coulda shoulda woulda scored higher.
Excellent job but looks too young hahahaha .
Thanks, Hits. Yeah... your probably right. Either that or Arnoldita has too much s-e-x appeal.
After some research, I found the name of this woman: her name is Christine Moore, she was born in Greenbay, Wisconsin on September 17, 1968. The picture dates from 2006 so she was only 38 years old when she was taken. You will find the original photo at the bottom of this page : Her biography is here :
Good work Denlig. I'm happy you like the picture.
A Big Thanks to the Admins for hosting this contest and for the "Picture of the Day" award. (:
Hysterical. What a fantastic level of pro work throughout this contest. Kudo's ... Shame someone had to win the level is that good IMO.
Thank you, Vincent. This terminator girl made me chuckle too...(:

Funny Ms. Schwarzenegger retired

Ms. Schwarzenegger retired

Funny Arnold `S.E.B.M.` Schwarzenegger

Arnold `S.E.B.M.` Schwarzenegger
* Small Eyes Big Mouth
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Me likey. May run a contest with that theme.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger the Joker

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Joker
Original Arnold Schwarzenegger picture
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Cool chop, but a bit hard to recognize Arnie
Thank you for everyone. Yes, Newsy. I wanted to point that it is difficult to be recognized.^^

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Big Head

Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Big Head
Member reactions:
Nice but this contest is about realistic chops, so I would not use that simplifying smudge style. Still a quality work though

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger the Lion

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Lion
Member reactions:
Congrats on the 3rd cup. Nice looking chop

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding a Bike in a Horse Race

Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding a Bike in a Horse Race
Member reactions:
You should give speed effects to horses too.
That's what I thought - Arnie is surpassing the riders so he has a motion blur while they don't. Great chop.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger in Retirement

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Retirement
Member reactions:
It's time ....

Funny Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Children

Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Children
Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly admitted fathering a child with the long-time housemaid of his family. Schwarzenegger's illegitimate son is now 14, and was born two weeks after Schwarzenegger's son Christopher, which means that over 14 years ago both Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver and the housemaid who lived with them, were pregnant with his children. Maria Shriver eventually confronted the maid, when she realized that the maid's son looked similar to Arnold. The maid was let go, Arnold made a $65,000 down-payment on her house, and she has been silent about the real father of her child for years. Let's recall that in the midst of the 2003 California governor campaign, several women came out with the claims that Arnold grouped them, and some claimed that he's the father of their children. Back then Arnold denied all accusations. Could we soon hear about more Arnold's secret kids? Take any female celebrity and photoshop her possible "love child" with Arnold.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 60th birthday today. It is somewhat strange to realize he is 60 already - just yesterday we have seen him in Terminator movies. Years ago Arnold had quit his acting career and moved into politics - he has been a Governor of California since 2003. "Terminator 4" is expected to hit the theaters in the summer of 2009. Ironically for many fans, "Terminator 4" will go on without Arnold. To mark the 60th birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger, let's photoshop him in various ways. Examples may include placing Schwarzenegger into any movies, designing new sequel for him, Arnold's endorsed merchandise; or immortalize him in paintings or statues.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements
Photoshop an advertisement with Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement or create a new product that uses Arnold Schwarzenegger as the spokesperson.

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