Funny Pelosi, with side kick Schumer.

Pelosi, with side kick Schumer.

Funny Chucky Schumer come join the Circus

Chucky Schumer come join the Circus

Funny Chucky Schumer

Chucky Schumer

Funny Raging Red Chucky Schumer

Raging Red  Chucky Schumer
Member reactions:
, very funny political satire work. Congrats on the Wood, HoHouse.
, didn't notice President Trump's head on the ground, he should make Chuckie Build The Wall, Nancy can help. Congrats on your win....
Alright... Podium Wood. Nice Done, HH. Congrats.

Funny Wicked Chuck Schumer

Wicked Chuck Schumer
Member reactions:
I'm still hoping that elephant will fart.
T5grats, HH. Looks like Chuckie enjoys the view.

Funny Demon Schumer, Destroys America.

Demon Schumer, Destroys America.
Merry Christmas to all on Freaking News.
Member reactions:
True, he doesn't quite work at Anything.
Great comeback Hobbit, and so true I see a very cool work and lot of effort went in to this.
Yeah, how has that guy not become cannon fodder for the conservatives. There is a mystery. The fact that he gets away with what he does screams that he has the goods on somebody very powerful. Or... it could be that he is an idiot that thinks he has the magic chicken stick. Fine chopEtta. Happy New Year XX
Thanks ReggieRey and Tim, I pray we have a better year , also that a few Republican sinks in the swamp, you all have a Beautiful New Year...

Funny Schumer, `Man Of The Year` LOL!!!!!

Schumer, `Man Of The Year` LOL!!!!!
Member reactions:
"Man Of The Year" ..... Hilarious and well done, Hobbit..
Excellent. Sure is a lot of AAA chops in this one

Funny Schumer The Lying Brainwasher.

Schumer The Lying  Brainwasher.
Member reactions:
Deserves a cup as well, outstanding job Hobbit.
...this s just lunacy. Chucky never looked better. Great work Hobbit.

Funny Helen Thomas and Chuck Schumer

Helen Thomas and Chuck Schumer
Member reactions:
Yep it is a Yikes, scared me and I'm the one that did the pic.
Excellent, perfect match. at Chucky Shoomer's flipper lip.
Thanks a lot ReggieRey and thanks Gummy and OllieR for the Yikes, that's what I was aiming for.
and I really liked the little bubbles of your sources.
Gummy, thank you so much, really glad you like it.
Congrats on your two wins. They are two of my favorites.I really like whatever effects you created on this. It really draws the eye.
Wonderfully done with the light and shadow. Congrats on the winner, Hobbit.

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