Mama Waters Home School Maxine
Mama Waters Home School Maxine
Mama Waters Home School Maxine. Yep, that's little Maxine, she learned her lessons well.
Member reactions:
Hilarious and so true. Hair clips are awesome. Congrats on the cup Hobbit.
I thought this might Win. Great Job, Hobbit. Congrats on the Wood.

Funny School Crossing Guard

School Crossing Guard

Funny Japanese Royal family. Kids back to school.

Japanese Royal family. Kids back to school.
Japanese Royal family, Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko, their daughter Princess Mako and their son Prince Puti

Funny Monkey Skateboard School

Monkey Skateboard School

Funny Slim School Bus

Slim School Bus

Funny Short School Bus

Short School Bus
Member reactions:
I know that shorty. Congrats on the wood too, DD.

Funny Gothic Charm School by Elvira

Gothic Charm School by Elvira
Member reactions:
Quality composition. If it weren't blurry in the center, it'd score higher

Funny End of Summer and Back to School

End of Summer and Back to School
Member reactions:
Nice. I would soften the shadows' edges here

Funny Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton in High School

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton in High School

Funny Kids Going to School Via Drones

Kids Going to School Via Drones
Commercial Drones
Member reactions:
now you can have your kids dropped at school with your personal drones good chop and well executed
An amusing way to go to school and, perhaps, will make tham love school a bit more
Sobering.... Great chop GRM --> Congrats on the cup.
Congrats on the wood, GRM. Very nice work ...

Funny Swine Flu Schools

Swine Flu Schools
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that people should expect "a big influx" of swine flu cases this fall especially due to the start of the school year. Education Secretary Arne Duncan added: "We got a little bit lucky in the last school year, because the H1N1 didn't surface until very near the end of the academic year. We're not going to be so lucky this year." Schools with high number of swine flu cases will be quarantined. To help increase the public awareness of swine flu spread in schools, photoshop pigs in schools any way you wish.

Funny School

It's back to school time for kids, but school books, accessories and gadgets got really complex this year. Albert Einstein once said "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." I remember when I was at school, our school books and accessories were so simple they could actually be mistaken for Paris Hilton's brain. Nowadays, school books are more complex than Einstein's relativity theory, and except for one-two kids of rocket scientists in each class, no one understands anything. Things are so bad that many kids graduate from school without knowing how to write their name. True story*: I actually managed to be at Jessica Simpson's high-school graduation a few years ago, and when I asked her to write an autograph for me, she spelled her last name with the number 7 and a picture of the sun. In this contest you are asked to photoshop / design complex, hi-tech, confusing, or simply useless school-related items (classroom furniture & equipment, school books and accessories, etc.) * True story absolutely not true.

Funny School

What would the future hold if corporations took over the public school sector? How would school be different from today?

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