You Scary American
You Scary American
You Scary American. Not often does Kim Jung Un get to play the straight man.
Member reactions:
The monotone mix and background works wonderfully here, Hidden.
Thanks, Reggie. I felt the full body view integrated with the background nicely. Yet the slapstick aspect of their facial expressions are best viewed in the large size. (:
You stepped outside the (color) box. Glad you did. Well done.
Woody, POTD Grats, Splat. Excellent concept and quality work.
Yeah..background and characters fit together perfect.. lovely work
Thank you kindly Gummy, Mano, Vic, and Fugit. Happy you like it. I was unsure about this one. But the monotone color seemed to give it life. (:

Funny Scary !!

 Scary !!

Funny Scary turkey

Scary turkey
Member reactions:
Turkey is awesome with the choice of source. Bronze Congrats, Mr Assad.
Congrats on the Bronze Turkey Cup, Mr. Assad.

Funny Scary Queen

Scary Queen

Funny Star Wars Scary Movie

Star Wars Scary Movie

Funny Girl with a Knife in a Man's Bedroom in a Scary Movie

Girl with a Knife in a Man's Bedroom in a Scary Movie
Running for the last place

Funny Scary Hillary Clinton

Scary Hillary Clinton
Be Afraid.
Member reactions:
Impressive but her head has a quite impossible position respect the body.
Congrats, Debbie. Some Nice Creepiness going on here.

Funny Scary Obama

Scary Obama
Member reactions:
I love all these Hillary Clinton chops ha ha
...whata caricature. 8 yrs in the oval office will do that to ya.

Funny Scary Michelle Obama

Scary Michelle Obama
Member reactions:
Kewl. The Bride of Frankenstein's Monster.
Looks like a Halloween chop I would get rid of the black line on the top

Funny Scary Movie with Charlie Sheen

Scary Movie with Charlie Sheen
Member reactions:
Nothing wrong with the black one. Don't nit pick. Well done Hobbit90

Funny Scary Houses

Scary Houses
Photoshop scary houses and create images of things that might surprise or even scare the owners of a new house.

Funny Scary Movie

Scary Movie
Design a sequel (poster) to any well known movie with a "scary theme", which could beat Scary Movie 3, and top the Halloween box office receipts. Use your imagination, and pick up the well known politicians and celebrities to star in your movie.

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