Tattoo Scarlett
Tattoo Scarlett
Tattoo Scarlett.

Funny Queen Scarlett

Queen Scarlett

Funny Scarlett Na'vi Johansson

Scarlett Na'vi Johansson
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Member reactions:
Thanks, Eduen. Scarlett is a beauty. And even more special with that blue tail.
Great job and choice of Scarlett, she makes an awesome Avatar. It's great to see you back chopping at FN, Splats, especially when you are churning out those SplatShot masterpieces... Looking forward to it
Thanks, Uncle-C. I greatly appreciate your comment. *☺*

Funny Scarlett Johansson the Pink Haired Robot

Scarlett Johansson the Pink Haired Robot
Scarlet Johansson is machine face
Member reactions:
good art work out here.. it states i have five minute to submit yet is is not allowing me to do so..
Thanks Picasso. It lies sometimes to me too.
Superb job Hits,the colors are so gorgeous.Wood congrats
Maybe. Could be that we are entertained by bots in the not too far off future I was trying to set the techno bar a little higher. Thanks Luciano, Joan, Crafty, and Picasso

Funny Scarlett Johansson being a Turtle

Scarlett Johansson being a Turtle
Member reactions:
I wouldn't mind hangin out in there with her.
Now I wanna see Scarlett slip-out of her shell too.
Very creative, Gumster. The turtle out of its shell is a nice touch
the beaver. in the background
That's "The Drunk Wombat" not a beaver. He gets his feelings hurt.
please tell him i'm an idiot and that i'm really really sorry..
It's seeing stuff like this, that probably cause Wombat to start drinking in the first place.

Funny Scarlett Johansson Dancing in a Renoir Painting

Scarlett Johansson Dancing in a Renoir Painting
Member reactions:
Blending Scarlett to match the rest of the painting needs to be done.

Funny Scarlett Johanson Portrait by Picasso

Scarlett Johanson Portrait by Picasso

Funny Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson
Member reactions:
Too hot to touch... A true beaut of a chop. Great brush work. Congrats on the cup
Incredible painting, that gets even better in the original view, then printed, and framed.. Congratulations PixMan, on scoring a Trophy from amongst seven A+++ chops. Great Job

Funny Scarlett Johansen at a Space Spa

Scarlett Johansen at a Space Spa
Member reactions:
Love it, Hidden. I would increase the contrast levels on her face and change the face/helmet colors for the colder tones to match the rest of the picture. Might consider using a different source for her face too, because this one features a soft light while the rest of the picture shows strong light with clear shadows
It isn't a helmet it is a commercial hair dryer and the reason I selected a soft light face was because there is atmosphere in the spacesuit where light electrons collide, bounce and reflect off of the oxygen atoms. Thus reflected soft light. In a vacuum this reflective activity cannot happen so light is stark and direct. The other reason I picked her face is because she's a fox. Your comment on color is not a technical point so, okay, if that is your taste. I kept the original colors because I liked the aged plexi look. Thanks for your input, Newsey. I want ahead and added a tiny bit of contrast and tweaked it some. I added a wee more blue in the visor thinggie and , yeah, it tied it in a little better.
The logical explanation makes sense, but such collisions are not enough to turn the hard light into a soft light, otherwise hard sun light in our earth atmosphere would always be soft light due to oxygen and other molecules in the air. Yet, it's not the case in reality. Besides, the brain expects to see things how it usually remembers them, in similar setting. Here's a typical shot of a face in a space helmet - there's very slight difference in the hardness of light and shadows outside and inside the helmet, and that is due to a thin UV protective layer on the helmet glass: LINKY The way it is now, due to a different color pattern and soft light & shadows, Scarlett Johansson's face looks painted on the helmet (or a hair dryer). I don't mean to belittle your work, just telling you my personal opinion on what seems a bit off here.
Congratz, Hit-Man. Your right. Scarlet is a Super Fox.... By the way...what does Scarlet use that triangular shaped plug in the pant area for...
SplatShot. It is a verification hole for Nick Furey to tell if she is the real thing or a dreaded spy

Funny Scarlett Johansson With a Beard

Scarlett Johansson With a Beard
The beautiful actress embraces Conchita Wurst's look.
Member reactions:
Beard's sides looks blurry, but good chop anyway.
The blurry was intentional, anyway thanks for comment.
Quality work. Did you guys see how Conchita looked when she was still a man. Hard to believe this transformation.

Funny Scarlett Johansson Falling Down

Scarlett Johansson Falling Down
The photo of Scarlett Johansson falling down sparked a new meme, with hundreds of photoshopped images and millions of views. Could it be her stiletto boots or just clumsiness? See the animation. Photoshop this image of Scarlett Johansson falling down any way you wish. Some examples are - show how Johansson can make the best out of this fall, make her appear in unexpected places, posters and billboards. These are just some ideas.

Funny Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson
Those of you who live in caves, like I do, will be pleasantly surprised to know that Scarlett Johansson who was named "prettiest" Woman Alive by Esquire magazine. The magazine hits the newsstands on Oct. 18, so you can read it for yourselves. While I was posting this contest, my girlfriend looked over my shoulder and jokingly asked me why I never call her the prettiest woman alive. I then jokingly asked her why she never looks like Scarlett Johansson. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. In this contest you are asked to support Esquire's claim and immortalize Scarlett Johansson in famous works of art - paintings, drawings, or sculptures.

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