Scarlet  Chicken
Scarlet  Chicken
Scarlet Chicken. Member reactions:
A real beauty, looks better than the original. Congrats on the Bronze, Hobbit.
He should have learned to fly. Congrats on the Bronze, Hobbit.
Thanks a lot, ReggieRey, MsgtBob, fugit and SplatShot.

Funny Baby Scarlet

Baby Scarlet

Funny Noseless Scarlet Johansen

Noseless Scarlet Johansen
Member reactions:
. Funny. I think she's Jay Leno daughter.
Thanks for the comments. Just wanted to add a little comedy
I think eric meant she looks a mother duck from some cartoon. She certainly does look like a duck here

Funny Scarlet Johansson with One Leg

Scarlet Johansson with One Leg
Member reactions:
Scarlett is always lovely Great work.
Thank you for saying this...I made it bigger.
LOVE the bigger entry after the edit. Brilliant blending.
Congrats MadameThenadier, lovely work Think big.

Funny Scarlet Lohan Jolie

Scarlet Lohan Jolie
big size lohan = body and nose scarlet = eyes jolie = mouth

Funny Scarlet Johansan + Brad Pitt

Scarlet Johansan + Brad Pitt
Scarlet Johansan and Brad Pitt
Member reactions:
Looks pretty good actually, but the source for Scarlett is much sharper than that of Brad.
well blending just the eye look a bit cross.

Funny Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter
..and the rest is history.

Funny Scarlet Johannson Bobblehead

Scarlet Johannson Bobblehead
Member reactions:
I wonder if she's a "mouth breather" -- her lips are always parted. Good job, good source.

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