Please, Don't Be Scared!
Please, Don't Be Scared!
Please, Don't Be Scared!. Member reactions:
Strange how the right is so much wider than the left.

Funny With Mike I am not scared anymore Godzilla and Gorilla

With Mike I am not scared anymore Godzilla and Gorilla
Member reactions:
Double winner, congrats, good work done, Love the Monkey.

Funny Fat bastard, we did't present weapons to scare Americans!

Fat bastard, we did't present weapons to scare Americans!

Funny Soccer Player Scared of a Mouse

Soccer Player Scared of a Mouse
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious, well done on all aspects.
Freaking idea..rat looks in great shape..
Good use of context and the face distortions add to the humor.
Thank you, SplatShot, MissPix, and Eric...
This is really funny. I think I'm hearing his cries too.
Thanks sulliishere, Luciano, and its420here...
Yea-ea-ea-h-h...thanks HitMan, Elegary, and Newsy... My very first GOLD CUP... Could get used to this.
Well get used to it if you can consistently make winners like this one. I could not believe this is your first.... So very well done. Sometimes you just need to break the curse and you have. Well I hope to see a lot more winners then, this rocks.
. UncleChamp. Really great job. Congrats on the GOLD...
Thanks HoHouse, yea my very first Gold One, and it felt great and I can't wipe the smile off my face... Thanks for the great comments and votes, SplatShot, Gummy, MsgtBob, Paul, Wanderer, and Hitman...thanks for the compliments, advice, appreciate it... Thank You Its420Here, love your comments..

Funny Scared Penguin Flying Away From a Ship

Scared Penguin Flying Away From a Ship

Funny Scared Child on Santa Claws' Knee

Scared Child on Santa Claws' Knee
You better not shout, You better not pout, You better not cry and I'll tell you why, Santa Claws is coming.... to town. Santa figure is folk singer Burl Ives
Member reactions:
Nice work. Who is the celebrity, hidden.
Thanks, I agree it was hard to tell. Burl Ives is the foundation for the Santa monster figure. I think I fixed it and resubmit with a more recognizable version yet still super modified.
Can't say I know Burl Ives, but this chop is freaking hilarious.
Yeah, he departed the world before many FNers were born but he is worth googling and listening to his music. He was a sweet old man, which makes this chop doubly irreverent
Hey, Burl Ives was in Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. He Scared me in that movie when I was little and is still creepy today. I love this chop. Well done, one of the best.
Now this is not nice, santa gone crazy
Santa is scary for that kid holding him with claws definatly make the kid cry Good work over on the claws and the floating title well done on this front
Thanks Rajesh, Eric, and Nanny.
Zank Ju Heir Doktor, unt Pree unt Bop. Zee vicodin has kicked in
Congrats on silver Hits. Nice to see you back in the game as well mate.

Funny Obama Scare Health Care

Obama Scare Health Care
Yes Sir, He did vote the wrong way,,,Twice.
Member reactions:
Fantastic job, and message (the title says it all). That patient does look familiar.
Way to knock down a cup Gummy. Congrats on the Bronze
Hehe, I know that patient too. Congrats on a great chop with a pretty dang truthful message.
Thanks buddy but, You need to be careful, you seem to keep frizzing him off,,, one of these days your just going to disappear.

Funny Obama Scare Hospital

Obama Scare Hospital
Please except my Apology

Funny Obamacare Scare

Obamacare Scare
Poor Joe didn't get an Obama Care exemption

Funny Dog Scared of a Cat

Dog Scared of a Cat
It's ok Poppet Daddy got you
Member reactions:
Very Funny Nice to see the dog jump on the owner
This is awesome.... great turn of events shown in this chop

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