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Funny Scarecrow Pictures

Tin Man & ScareCrowFunny Tin Man & ScareCrow
Member reactions:
Since I could not find good rear images of the characters, I had to do them from scratch.
Good to see Tin Man again, the weeding on the dreams looks like a fairy tale scene nice way to present those butterflies
This is it, I like it so much great thought with excellent execution, good luck
Very Interesting Concept Selection. And very beautifully done.
Congrats Vicspa....looks like a total re-creation

Doll Scarecrow in a FieldFunny Doll Scarecrow in a Field
Member reactions:

Gingerbread Man Scarecrow in GardenFunny Gingerbread Man Scarecrow in Garden
Member reactions:

Thanks so much noelevs
Beautiful lighting and a scary-looking scarecrow.

Vase Man Scarecrow in the GardenFunny Vase Man Scarecrow in the Garden
Member reactions:

One and Two and good for you, Congrads Girl, "you have come a long way Baby"
Thanks everybody,gold is definitely a girl's best friend

Barack Obama the ScarecrowFunny Barack Obama the Scarecrow
Member reactions:

great work here Sunshine .. congrats on the woody my friend keep going
Congrats on the wooden sun ... lovely piece
Kratos, Newsy, Salis thank you so much, I have to admit I made it in rush less than two hours but if it took the wood it means is pretty good Thank you once again.

Yes Man ScarecrowFunny Yes Man Scarecrow
Member reactions:

Barack Obama as the ScarecrowFunny Barack Obama as the Scarecrow
Member reactions:

I was 80% sure this had to be HoHouse but the style threw me Nice slam...
Thanks everyone, this one was fun to make

The Cutlery ScarecrowFunny The Cutlery Scarecrow
Member reactions:

nice job, love the crow reflection. Shadows of the forks may need a little touchup. (looks like only shadows of the stems )
Agreed with all the above comments. Nice and clever work indeed.
Doesn't work ... on the crow. (me like.)

Street Lamp Scarecrow in FieldFunny Street Lamp Scarecrow in Field
Member reactions:

Kin ah borry him. Think he'll werk on Skwirrels. Unless'n y'all want some pelts... (what Kellie said; good imagination)
i love this.just fits perfectly.very good.
Mt favorite in the contest. Really creative.

ScarecrowFunny Scarecrow
Member reactions:

Superb work. For some reason I can hear organ music just by looking at it
Tremendous impact and factor. It was a toss up between your first and second. Could have gone either way. kudos again.
thanks guys
I agree with Bee. Congratulations on the silver, Wood.

ScarecrowFunny Scarecrow - Photoshop this scarecrow image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up the scarecrow, placing it in some unusual environment, putting other people or objects next to the scarecrow. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Scarecrow CelebritiesFunny Scarecrow Celebrities - FBI in Texas arrested several people suspected of being the so-called "Scarecrow Bandits" following the series of bank robberies in Texas. The seven bandits were named Scarecrow Bandits because they always dressed like scarecrows with loose shirts and floppy hats during bank holdups. Photoshop celebrities or politicians as scarecrows. Here's one good example.

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