Monkey Barcode Scanner
Monkey Barcode Scanner
Monkey Barcode Scanner. hide your barcodes... the scan-i-nator will find you...

Funny Airport Scanner

Airport Scanner
whether your big or small ,the airport will see it all airport security
Member reactions:
This ain't the kinda thing a cool dude should be doin'

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger TSA Body Scanner

Arnold Schwarzenegger TSA Body Scanner
Member reactions:
oh oh, You've got competition my friend. Love the chop by the way.
Thanx guys, and yes, you're right jere, joe's very talented.
Silver terminator for funkster. Congratulations.
Quality and Quantity is the 'Master's' motto. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S ..
Yeah, great minds think alike eh. I struggled trying to find a decent pic of Sarah Connor for my pic. Well done
thats Awesome work teacher ... I totally agree with Joy congrats on the silver and keep up your fantastic works
Great work funkwood. Awesome work. Congrats friend

Funny Mobile Body Scanner

Mobile Body Scanner
Original Source Please full view.
Member reactions:
Work is good, but is supposed to be a scanner, and the phone reveals the interio of the person. Here I see a picture of a Cyborg. Where is the scanner. I personally have nothing in relation to the contest. We must abide by the rules of the competition.
Nice work, but I agree with TaitaViracocha.
Taita dear friend. Can not you see the picture as the meaning of these. The scanner will show you where it is exchanged in the man's body, not the entire body Cyborg. You know, there are films which do not have to know which one is real or what machine. Here's an example: I'm a robot.Have you seen that movie, right. The film is a party to a robot body. Look at the picture it better, which is under the scanner in the face of a robot, but not the human face. The competition includes not only the essence of the picture for you. Thanks for the comments.
Because only part of the face and not your whole body.. It is assumed that the phone scans the body and only see the inside of the face. It's just my way of appreciation, apologize if I disagree with you.
All right Taita. No problem.Thanks for the comment,dude.
And do not worry I will not give any other comment in this post and nowhere else. Seems to bother my constructive criticism. It was really a pleasure to give my views and comments. Y no se preocupe no voy a emitir ningun otro comentario en esta entrada y en ninguna otra. Parece que mis criticas constructivas molestan. Fue realmente un placer dar mis puntos de vistas y comentarios.
Taita not, understand anything away. I'm glad I saw it too and edited immediately. I'm glad, if someone discovers a bug.
It says Cybor scanner instead of Cyborg scanner on the gadget.
You're absolutely right. I had not noticed that Misspelled. Thank you noticed.Edited. Thank you very much RealMeert.
Well, thank you very much my friend. I tried to create something unique, more or less came together
Clean execution. I agree about the suggestions though. The entry could have placed even higher then.
Great try amada ... I agree with guys here

Funny Lotto Scanner

Lotto Scanner
Scan before you buy. Always pick a winner.
Member reactions:
agreed, A+ for thinkin' outside the berry I like the "Reveal Key".

Funny Eye Scanner

Eye Scanner
After scanning the retena of the passengers eye, a database of information will alert the processor of any information needed. If a code 'red', or, a passenger has some unresolved issues, the scanner immediately protrudes a small needle into their eye, passing into the brain. This then releases a large amount of nerve toxins, rendering the passenger paralized untill they can be detained.
Member reactions:
scanning the iris isn't even that farfetched. this si the most likely one to really happen. damn you, you're giving the feds ideas

Funny Woman Going Through Scanner at the Airport

Woman Going Through Scanner at the Airport
Homeland Security's newest brainstorm

Funny Freakingnews Prepost Scanner

Freakingnews Prepost Scanner
well I was on holiday so had just a couple of hours left before the end of the birthday comp and ran out of time for this. Anyway Happyirthday FN and many many more to come

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Going Through Airport Scanner

Arnold Schwarzenegger Going Through Airport Scanner
Member reactions:
I was soooo surprised to see that you had the same idea as I did....I almost didn't submit my entry cause of it... nice work, great idea

Funny Barack Obama with a TelePrompter X-Ray Scanner

Barack Obama with a TelePrompter X-Ray Scanner
Member reactions:
Can you move the Exray teleprompter up to his head .

Funny Body Scanners

Body Scanners
England is implementing full body scanners in their airports. When conventional metal detectors trigger an alarm, the selected passengers must pose inside the scanner, which sees through their clothing to detect contraband underneath. The rule is simple - "if passengers refuse, they don't fly". There has been much controversy in the US about whether to implement such scanner machines, for ethical reasons. Many passengers don't feel comfortable being seen "without clothes" by airport security people. Use any types of body scanners to show what some celebrities may be hiding under their clothes. Make sure your entries are Safe For Work. Airport body scanners, portable body scanners, body scanner glasses, any body scanner gadgets can be used in this contest. Here's a good example by Franko.

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