X's Scandals: past, current and future
X's Scandals: past, current and future
X's Scandals: past, current and future. Member reactions:
Congrats Wanderer, really a good one, I think Nancy may enjoy it.
Congrats on the Gold (easy winner) and Bronze.
Great piece, clean and funny... Congratulations

Funny World Anti-Doping Agency announces new dogging scandal

World Anti-Doping Agency announces new dogging scandal
Member reactions:
Should also the dog give the medal back .

Funny Russian Olympic Doping scandal

Russian Olympic Doping scandal
Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold
Member reactions:
There's always a doping stink somewhere...
But it is individual doping without state support.
Nice job, Andrew. I wasn't aware of this. Congrats on the bronze

Funny Blazing Scandals

Blazing Scandals
Obama Says Media is Wild Wild West After controlling all of the Hillary endorsing mainstream media for almost 8 years, Obama doesn't like that he can't control Wiki-Leaks Clinton Scandal coverage coming Right Wing media outlets. Calls conservative news groups Wild Wild West.

Funny Russia Olympics doping scandal 2016

Russia Olympics doping scandal 2016
Member reactions:
Hahaha. This ... isn't the only dirty to be found.
Thank you, SplatShot. It was easy. I used to blend the same material that Putin uses - Botox

Funny FIFA Corruption Scandal

FIFA Corruption Scandal
Everything You Need to Know About FIFA’s Corruption Scandal
Member reactions:
Great choice of news for the chop. It's funny the president actually kept his job and seemed to have no knowledge of the corruption scheme (yeah, right )
Sepp Blatter said that although many held him "ultimately responsible" for the football community, he could "not monitor everyone all of the time". Then who is responsible if not him. Does Blatter want to have a deep investigation. He got it, it's ongoing.
Teflon coated people look inside even worse. FIFA is nest of thieves.
Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA president Goodbye Sepp. FIFA will be cleaned up and sanitized after you.

Funny Michelle Obama and the Green Lip Scandal

Michelle Obama and the Green Lip Scandal
Member reactions:
I changed the left hand, it looked like she was doing a favor for him.
And what is he doing with his right hand.
IMO the picture was fine before the edit.
SplatShot, it looked like Obama was enjoying it to much.
Truth be known they both did each other a favor
No Doubt, Hobbit. But it only typified what's been going on in Washington for the past 6 years, 9 days, and 45 minuets.
Kewl Chopp'n. If it bothered you then the edit was the right call. I'm just saying it didn't offend me in anyway.
Oh no, it wasn't your comment, I really didn't like the other way I had it. Thanks SlapShot.

Funny The Bush Scandal - George Bush and Harry Reid in Bed

The Bush Scandal - George Bush and Harry Reid in Bed
Member reactions:
Congrats. Instant classic
Congrats, D-man on your second advanced gold, woo hoo.

Funny John Edwards Sex Scandal

John Edwards Sex Scandal
Edwards admits he had affair after heated denials
Member reactions:
shouldn't comment read "heated affair, after denials.
Excellent "point of view" Great satire here
I just wish it was bigger than 500 pixels wide in full view. The system resizes it for you, but the full view stays un-resized.
Where is the rest of the story. Like PAul Harvey used to say.Like the Top Hslf of the View Guys Like ...

Funny Russian Drug Scandal

Russian Drug Scandal
Russia suffered a drug scandal this Olympics.

Funny Sumo Scandal

Sumo Scandal
Standing resolute amid a frenzy of flashbulbs, the damp-eyed warrior announced his immediate retirement. "I apologise from my heart," he declared, bowing deeply for almost 30 seconds. Harumafuji - his fighting name - was a sumo grand champion, known in Japanese as "yokozuna", until last Wednesday. On 25 October, he allegedly attacked a younger wrestler in a bar and fractured the man's skull, provoking weeks of headlines and a police investigation. The case has cast a cloud over Japan's ancient national sport, and it's far from the first time. A decade ago, its reputation plunged when a 17-year-old trainee died after his elders beat him with a beer bottle and a baseball bat. Create New SUMO wrestlers using ONLY CURRENT SPORTS STARS. MAKE THEM AS REALISTIC as POSSIBLE! No warped heads or distortions, be as REALISTIC as you possibly can. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Prince Harry's Next Scandal

Prince Harry's Next Scandal
Turns out what happens in Vegas doesn't really stay in Vegas for Prince Harry. Royal officials confirmed Wednesday that photos of a bare man cavorting with women in a Las Vegas hotel room were indeed Prince Harry, who was on "private holiday." Harry, who turns 28 next month, just wrapped up a successful stint as an Olympic ambassador, but it seems the royal wild child side of him has surfaced again. The royal family is furious, as years and years of his family's hard work are simply thrown out by a series of Harry's drunken mistakes. Here are the previously photographed scandals with Prince Harry that made the front pages of UK magazines: wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005; falling out of nightclubs, fighting with photographers or jumping in pools in 2004; smoking pot drunk, and being sent to a rehab in 2002. Seems that "dirty Harry" is unstoppable, no matter how angry the Royal family gets. Photoshop Prince Harry's next scandal. Please make sure your entries are Safe For Work.

Funny Prince Harry of Wales: Scandals

Prince Harry of Wales: Scandals
Prince Harry of Wales turned 25 yesterday, becoming an even more eligible bachelor as he gained access to part of his inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana. Prince Harry really likes parties and some of Harry's photos in not so favorable light got on the front pages of UK tabloids in the past. Photoshop Prince Harry into some hoax photos, incidents , and scandals on the front pages of magazines or newspapers. Note: despite the infamous past incident with Prince Harry, please don't make any chops related to Nazis, as this is against the Freaking News submission rules.

Funny Frot Page Scandals

Frot Page Scandals
Design a front page cover story that may cause a scandal. Stories must have at least one photoshopped image of scandal included along with a small section of newsprint to accompany the story.

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