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Funny Scandal Pictures

Inter-Party Scandal!Funny Inter-Party Scandal!
Member reactions:

Great caricature on the heads and Biden is crazy about the bag and Obama is enjoying his rip off pants Michael and Bush were enjoying the view good chop.... well done
Laughing My arss off... Secret party at his place
Good job, but Palin and Obama in the center need some shadows on the floor to really belong to the scenery

The Bush Scandal - George Bush and Harry Reid in BedFunny The Bush Scandal - George Bush and Harry Reid in Bed
Member reactions:

Congrats, D-man on your second advanced gold, woo hoo.

Scandal Funny Scandal
Member reactions:
Joe Biden caught with Monica Lewinsky leaving a motel.
hmmm, that splatch looks a little high up... or perhaps a bit low, whichever way you look at it :/ (fun idea.)
Looks like she's got sumphin in her mouth. Hmmmmm.
LunaC did you notice the pearl necklace.
+1 for the Pearl Necklace.... She did say something about voting Republican this year because Democrats left a nasty taste in her mouth...
Why does she have her lips tightly closed and her mouth is full of something.... again.
Nice idea though there's a huge black chop line down Monica's side where she joins Biden.

Aberto Gonzales ScandalFunny Aberto Gonzales Scandal
Member reactions:

News: Gonzales resigns over the series of scandals.
Ha. I can't believe the admins made you photoshop off a boob on a painting. What'cha gonna do. Nice work.
.. As long as everyone's happy, and no one's offended it's cool by me..

ScandalFunny Scandal
Member reactions:

Gotta get those licks in while he still can.
. This "beats" anything I can think of.

Obama Cheating ScandalFunny Obama Cheating Scandal
Member reactions:

What she is doing there and Obama is helping to get the stuff out funny poster

Santa Claus ScandalFunny Santa Claus Scandal
Member reactions:

I had drawn and painted this model before and thought she would fit in with a Santa Claus in an army sut.
Inflatable Santa could not control his inner desires good watercolor art work

Double ScandalFunny Double Scandal
Member reactions:

Never been to a Ladies Bathroom hmmm funny Obama and its tattoo in the lady's hand
Funny and Hot Expression by both the mens out there good

GOP Leader Resigns  Over Hot Tub ScandalFunny GOP Leader Resigns Over Hot Tub Scandal
Member reactions:

Utah GOP Leader Resigns After Hot Tub Confession Utah's House majority leader resigned from the Legislature Saturday, two days after acknowledging he paid a woman $150,000 to keep quiet about a hot-tubbing incident that took place a quarter century ago when she was a teenager.
, nice call about Roman Polanski. Is that Britney in the middle.

Political  ScandalFunny Political Scandal
Member reactions:

That's why they were at each other's throats, they're hot for each other.

Prince Harry's Next ScandalFunny Prince Harry's Next Scandal - Turns out what happens in Vegas doesn't really stay in Vegas for Prince Harry. Royal officials confirmed Wednesday that photos of a bare man cavorting with women in a Las Vegas hotel room were indeed Prince Harry, who was on "private holiday." Harry, who turns 28 next month, just wrapped up a successful stint as an Olympic ambassador, but it seems the royal wild child side of him has surfaced again. The royal family is furious, as years and years of his family's hard work are simply thrown out by a series of Harry's drunken mistakes. Here are the previously photographed scandals with Prince Harry that made the front pages of UK magazines: wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005; falling out of nightclubs, fighting with photographers or jumping in pools in 2004; smoking pot drunk, and being sent to a rehab in 2002. Seems that "dirty Harry" is unstoppable, no matter how angry the Royal family gets. Photoshop Prince Harry's next scandal. Please make sure your entries are Safe For Work.

Prince Harry of Wales: ScandalsFunny Prince Harry of Wales: Scandals - Prince Harry of Wales turned 25 yesterday, becoming an even more eligible bachelor as he gained access to part of his inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana. Prince Harry really likes parties and some of Harry's photos in not so favorable light got on the front pages of UK tabloids in the past. Photoshop Prince Harry into some hoax photos, incidents , and scandals on the front pages of magazines or newspapers. Note: despite the infamous past incident with Prince Harry, please don't make any chops related to Nazis, as this is against the Freaking News submission rules.

Frot Page ScandalsFunny Frot Page Scandals - Design a front page cover story that may cause a scandal. Stories must have at least one photoshopped image of scandal included along with a small section of newsprint to accompany the story.

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