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Funny Scan Pictures

Getting Scanned at the AirportFunny Getting Scanned at the Airport
Member reactions:
Is 'Don't touch my junk' the new 'Don't tase me, Bro'.
Freaking hilarious. The sly inspector dude looks like fat mustached version of Vince Vaughn.
I am amazaed and dumbstruck. The voters actually voted in a "classic" chopping style chop. There is a God after all. Nicely done and great humor..
I'm with you on this Hitzy. AZ must be Irish... Congrats AZ.

DNA ScanningFunny DNA Scanning
Member reactions:

FBI plans massive expansion of DNA database
Oh no, another DNA SCANdal. Quality work
Thanks all Don't need implants, if you can be quickly scanned and ID'ed by DNA.
Great Job Rainman, She looks surprised that you got a woody...
Congrats x2 AZ. I never would have guessed that this was yours. Great changeup, caught me looking.
Does DNA have keywords that I can buy. Nice one
congratulations ,rainnn, your work is sooo clean,, your such a master at this..,, okok yes ,,im your biggest fan..
Thanks again all. This was a quickie chop spurred on by an idea about ID implants and I couldn't resist making something.

CAT ScanFunny CAT Scan
Member reactions:
Two tomcats doing a CAT scan.
Totally awesome dude well done well thought
Get the retriever in there, and you can have the LAB report, too.
There are times when I wish my cat were my doctor. Nice chop.
Ingenious. Great looking. Clever. No I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about your image..
--> Ha. Great minds think alike...word for word .
Thanks for the compliments. Looking forward to seeing all your creativity in future contests. Keep on chopping.
Love the Cat Scan....
sorry about the 'vote' thing...wasn't sure what that was and clicked it on by mistake... -->^..^^..^ No problem I never make mistaeks. Glad you enjoyed the pic, come and try chopping with us.

Cat ScanFunny Cat Scan
Member reactions:

Ha ha. Took me a few moments to understand, but maybe thats just me. Excellent job though.
Thankyou, I ennjoyed this one

Airport Fingerprint ScanFunny Airport Fingerprint Scan
Member reactions:

When detected, the new high-tech fingerprint scanners will tag terrorists with a bioluminescent agent for easy identification.

Scanning M'ChelleFunny Scanning M'Chelle
Member reactions:

Scan closely. 'From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. And if you are 'rich', you don't deserve to be, and won't be for long, if my husband gets his way.'

Scanning the Text in the BibleFunny Scanning the Text in the Bible
Member reactions:

, love the flash drive lying by
, this looks like any data forgery agent on the job Lovely idea.
Great Concept, nice one to try this very well done with the idea of scanning a book which preserves for all time looks to original

Brain ScanFunny Brain Scan
Member reactions:

the treasure inside your brain

Lindsay Lohan Brain ScanFunny Lindsay Lohan Brain Scan
Member reactions:

Her brain needs most restoration. Interesting concept

Pac-Man Head ScanFunny Pac-Man Head Scan
Member reactions:


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