Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America
Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America
Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America. Giuliani: Obama doesn‘t ‘love America’
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Fan-freaking-tastic artwork and political satire.
Congrats, HOBBESART. Awesome result. First attempt and second place.
Thank you all. Looking forward to join and contribute to this community.
, another first entry cup winner. And deservingly so. We'll look forward to many more from you hobbseart
Congrats on the silver, hobbesart. Welcome to the site.
LOVE this. Refreshing new style here at FN. Want to see more from you...

Funny And you say this is music ?

And you say this is music ?

Funny All We Are Say---ing

All We Are Say---ing
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She would like to have a body like that....but
Gawd.... Hahaha


News Will Obama throw another aid to the dogs or just go Gangsta all by himself.
Member reactions:
Yep, it happens. This stings far more since I did these in spite of agonizing pain when I should have been resting. But thanks for the votes HH, Luciano and eric.

Funny Peyton Says Pot Is Good For Business

Peyton Says Pot  Is Good For Business
Peyton Manning says legalization of pot is good for his pizza franchises Peyton Manning, star quarterback of the Denver Broncos owns 25 "Papa John's" pizza franchises in Colorado. He says legalization of marijuana there has been very good for his business.
Member reactions:
Sure it's good for the business - pizza after a joint is a classic college scenario.
He launched a new pizza called Ganja Pizza wic contains......
Not quite but top 5. This is some funny stuff
Thanks, Newsy, balodiya, eric and luciano.
Nice work … Pot has been good for a lot of the economy in the state, and hopefully soon the rest will follow …

Funny Alien Saying Goodbye

Alien Saying Goodbye

Funny Michelle Obama Says To Drink More Water

Michelle Obama Says To Drink More Water
Michelle Obama wants people to drink more water to be healthier SOURCE The background you see has been altered and reflections added.
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Michelle looks cute in indian outfit. good suggestion on water. I agreed
Thanks, D-Man, misspix, eric and rajeshstar.

Funny Japan says Farewell to Benkei Fish

Japan says Farewell to Benkei Fish
Farewell to Benkei the strange fish Oh my.
Member reactions:
Thank you geriatric. And Hitspinner, I thought that too. Thanks.
So sad.... the strange fish who looks wicked but after it disappearance we still feel sad for the gene lost
Thank you balodiya and rajeshstar. Yes it's sad that the world may never see a fish like that ever again. Very unique.
Congrads on the top 10 finish. This was good for a belly laugh.

Funny Pope Retires and Says Goodbye

Pope Retires and Says Goodbye
Too tired to go on, Pope Benedict resigns

Funny Say Cheese

Say Cheese
Sorry … I couldn't resist LARGE VIEW IS BEST
Member reactions:
Great chop like the Freaking Logo and the rain effects and the Baby is crying or Father is crying very funny to see the Teeth
Interesting chop and good effect its nice
Thanks everyone … Paul, I think you're the only one to recognize that mug
Double Bronze congrats, Billy Mac. Thanks.
Paul never looked better, . Congrats on the bronze too, Bill.
Thank you pcrdds, geriatric, Newsy, and Sunshine … I haven't forgot Doc, I just had a bunch of photos taken of me for a magazine article I'll be featured in … I'm going to pick the best one as soon as I see them (If there is a best one )

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