Get A Dog It Might Save Your Life
Get A Dog It Might Save Your Life
Get A Dog It Might Save Your Life. Get A Dog, It Might Save Your Life This is the future... So you better be nice to Fido.
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Ultra cool placement of Dog in there and the OT is genius idea

Funny Save The Trees For the Animals

Save The Trees For the Animals
FYI- The Rainbow Eucalypyus tree hails from rainforrests in the Philppines. It now can be found on the Hawiian Islands, South and Central Florida in the United States.
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Bigfoot, koalas, amazon death parrot and even a a flightless dragonflyles... you covered it all the way to weird hahahaaha Loks like it was fun to chop, cheers
Colorful and expressive. It's one of the best of the bunch Nanny

Funny Mother Pelican Saving Baby From Hot Light

Mother Pelican Saving Baby From Hot Light
He singed his feathers
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Awesome concept, love the way motherhood is shown by protecting from Hot Seat ....nice concept shown

Funny Saving Paul Ryan

Saving Paul Ryan
Romney Announces Paul Ryan As Vice President Choice
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Saving Ryan and moving him towards the peak is the real task... good job with this poster

Funny Hiker Saved By Bear

Hiker Saved By Bear
Hiker saved by bear after lion attack
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Nice story, saved by the bear after the tiger attack nice we should love animals in return they will love us

Funny Daylight Saving Hoax

Daylight Saving Hoax
"The best April Fools Day Jokes usually takes a little lead time to pull a fast one over those canny 'Balamer' natives." .
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Six months in the Arctic, six months in Antarctica would save the most. When do I get my prize...
really wonderful effects created inside the jar

Funny Crazy Barack Obama Saving the Economy

Crazy Barack Obama Saving the Economy
Member reactions:
Really Magnificent work "hidden" . . . This is the quality of work that inspires one to strive to achieve the same level of expertise. Top Marks Indeed.
thanx PSMandrake, AWESOME69, pcrdds and qtrmoonshop.
HA. Double HA. HA. and then some... TOP marks.
Freaking Awesome. Ash tray is there but no smoke
Its an exceptionally good, Freaky smile with a hope to save the treasure. Great combination of elements used like glass broken and the books were bind through chains, marvelous job to see the Owl peeping out of the circle behind....
thanx everyone. ericnorthend: ur right, but Barack quit smoking, so I guess it's Michelle's
Clever composition and beautificent execution. There's only one small critique - the eyes look like they are not Obama's, so the whole face looks less like Obama's. Other than that, it's super.
Can't agree more with what you wrote Newsy, the eyes are always tricky to manipulate, a tiny twist and you lose the character, anyway, I tried my best within the limited time I had, thanx for ur critique
Over the top on a wonderful chop. Love it. CONGRATS.
Salis you always blow me away with your creativity and execution, job well done...again.
Congrats on the gold, Salis. and thanks for your reply
thanx guys for your comments and Votes JimShorts: I'm not quite sure what you meant with ur comment.., but anyhow, thanx for stopping by.

Funny Whitney Houston - Drugs Don't Save Lives

Whitney Houston - Drugs Don't Save Lives
(NaturalNews) The regretful passing of an American entertainment icon -- Whitney Houston -- marks yet another sad milestone in the devastating body count of the prescription drug industry. TMZ is now reporting that Whitney Houston was found not with illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that may have killed her or caused her to drown in the bathtub.
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Hahaha,,love clean like usual.......well done mate..
Splendid work I'm sure it would have placed high in both WIP and the Remembering Whitney contest.
Another title could be Valley of the Dolls. Great work as usual.
It's all up to the consumer in the end. The Pharmaceutical companies are another, separate, argument. Poignant subject to chop-good luck.
Bathtub baby. She looks beautiful, good merge.
Nice to see the Capsules fall on her Caricatured Head... Great Job done, So clean and great look of her behind the clouds make us sad and remember her always. Thanks Hidden

Funny Vladimir Putin Saving Russia

Vladimir Putin Saving Russia

Funny Vladimir Putin Fire Fighter Saves a Dog

Vladimir Putin Fire Fighter Saves a Dog
Thank goodness Vlad had his fire fighting gear in the car when he happened upon a burning building. Sources
Member reactions:
Great work
Beautifully done LunaC , Congrats on the Silver ...
I'm about three years late in congratulations but this deserves the mention. Great Job....

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