Sax in savannah
Sax in savannah
Sax in savannah.

Funny A Day In Savannah

A Day In Savannah

Funny Giraffe Dressed in Savanna Fashion

Giraffe Dressed in Savanna Fashion
Member reactions:
some girls ar just never happy,no matter HOW tall they are.
Those legs go all the way up to her......
Great work Cicsaix ... congrats on your first bronze and keep up nice works

Funny Elephants on the Savanna

Elephants on the Savanna

Funny Painted Savanna Elephant

Painted Savanna Elephant
Now, it's much easier for him to hide. Please, view full. Details are much more clear.
Member reactions:
Very nice. I love the way the tree doesn't just looked flat at the transition from the body to the ear. It has depth.
very very nice work and attention to the shadows

Funny Half an Elephant in the Savannah

Half an Elephant in the Savannah
This half Elephant is hopping across the African Savannah. He says his feet hurt.

Funny Backwards Savannah Day

Backwards Savannah Day
Its a warm day on the savannah and the backwanimals roam the plains,,,
Member reactions:
got a pm from admins, and i have understood the reason , although i didnt think of it that way, fixed it and we´re back on track...
This is the world of happening So good, I was confused on Lion

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