Death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia
Death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia
Death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. Prince Salman inherits the throne and all of its perks after the death of his beloved half-brother King Abdullah. News Story Sources
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This one is over the top, love it, the oil drill on the top of crown is fantastic. Obama will be by your side soon.
Fascinating details. Do the flowers have a meaning.
I recognise the Paradise flower and Iris. Orchids and Jasmine.
I am not sure if the flowers have a meaning, but they were in a room with Prince Salman originally. Now I will have to research it.
Paradise flower = joyfulness, Iris = royalty, orchid = luxury/beauty, jasmine = grace
I dig the "Golden Oil Rig" atop his crown.
Superb caricatures. Just a point. I don't think in those countries they have ever seen one dollar bills.
Congrats on the win, want to see more of your work, you're doing good girl. Love it.
Thanks, everybody. by the way, I figured using US money was ok since we give them so much money for oil.
Well earned silver coolkat85. I expect The King has gone to romp with 72 virgins in Paradise. Yes the Arabs do deal with US dollars.
Impressive piece, kat. Huge news chosen, challenging topic, yet you chopped it splendidly. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Saudi Arabian Pig

Saudi Arabian Pig

Funny Woman Driving In Saudi Arabia

Woman Driving In Saudi Arabia
Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and face arrest if they are caught do so.
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If this is the typical Saudi beauty, I agree.
of course this another Dr. Chuckles presentation.

Funny Greetings From Saudi Santa

Greetings From Saudi Santa
Greetings From Saudi Claus
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Hahaha, excellent. I fixed the news link for you too. You can click edit and see how it's done

Funny Saudi Sudz Beer From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Sudz Beer From Saudi Arabia
For those who don't know, the man featured here is Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as the "Dos Equis Man."
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Hilarious... like the camel with goggles good one
They can drink in public, but under a burka.
Okay-that has to be one of your most poignant chops. Congratulations.
Okay-that has to be one of your most poignant chops. Congratulations.
Thanks, Newsy. A case is being shipped to you.

Funny Saudi Man Has Tooth Removed From His Nose

Saudi Man Has Tooth Removed From His Nose
A man in Saudi Arabia had a tooth removed that was growing in his nasal cavity
Member reactions:
That man is lucky to have such a good doc, hahaha.
he will chop that tooth right out. nice work.
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Salis is very lucky to have such a good dentist. .
Excellent, great style too. Extraction through the nose, that is some medieval shyte man. hahahahahahaah Congrads on another one

Funny Alpine Saudi Woman

Alpine Saudi  Woman
Big is better Saudi woman gets high
Member reactions:
Thanks Doc, in light of all the angst over the super modified chops, here is the bare bones deal done about as good in chopping 101 class as I csn push it.
Now Saudi flag also fly high in Mount Everest... and good chop showing all ..
Excellent technique beautiful looking image I'm not sure if was intentional, but the head looks a little bit large for realism, and I hope she has some much warmer clothing nearby even in the warmest months on the summit, the temp never gets above freezing
Guess old habits are hard to break. Head too big. Maybe she's just really smart hahahahaha Thanks for the votes and comments all.
A beautiful work you did Hits, looks very real.. And am I seeing things, are is that a face in the ice cap to left of girl.
Not intentional face but I see a general shape there too. I expect there is more Thanks for the comment UC
Great effort. I will pass the Link to my Mountain Guide Andy Politz.(check his FB page)
I have to say, I really thought this would place higher ... After I voted and checked the leader board, I was very surprised to find this where it was. The head comment was purely a nitpick, and the lack of warmer clothing ... well, just chalk that up to "creative license"
I rarely critique during the contest because it does color the chop. I could rip to shreds, just about all the chops produced here these days but that would be disruptive and unproductive. If a chopper is headed for a cliff, gotta say something but purely on technical points not taste. In this alpine chop, the whole point was silly, lederhosen, hat, veil and boots from the turn of the century. She was out of place and out of time, odds against her yet she made the trek. No part of reality other than the accomplishment was intended. It's social satire. So, no worries, everybody sees thes things from their particular viewpoint The head size was close enough to seem okay, but I see now it might be a bit large though some people do have large heads. My grandson's nickname was pumpkinhead for years until he finally, almost grew into it Hehe

Funny Fake Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador

Fake Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador
US alleges Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador: How it unfolded Source

Funny Saudi Tourism Advert

Saudi Tourism Advert
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Well, if this is our buddy Salis, I may go for it.
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, Newsmaster. Thanks, rajeshstar. Appreciate it, guys.
, you old hidden, gotta love this one, you didn't forget the left-hand thing didn't ya
Thanks, young salis. You are a great subject.
hhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice one paul .... ^^ congrats on the golden
Thanks, young Mr. Salis. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, best4best. Appreciate it, people.
Gold congrats, perfect it a lot.
Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, Mr. Black. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
Congrats on the win, Paul. part of the winnings go to Saudi Arabia

Funny George Clooney goes to Saudi

George Clooney goes to Saudi
Clooney goes to Soudi...changed his name to Abdul Hakeem Clooney
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...looks good

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